Monday, December 19, 2011


So I know Thanksgiving was a while ago, but life got busy with the end of the semester. So finally I can post some Thanksgiving picture. For the long five day weekend my friend, Patrick, came home with me to visit my crazy family. Since he is from Washington, he had to either sit at school for the holiday or come with me. I planned several activities, and I knew we were going to have tons of fun. One the first things we did was visit Fountain Hills, home to the tallest man-made fountain in the world. The fountain shoots over 500 feet high. It is quite amazing. My sisters loved chasing the numerous ducks and our talented game of frisbee!

That night we decided to go to the Mesa, Arizona Temple to look at the beautiful lights. We had a great time while drinking hot chocolate and walking around enjoying the Christmas spirit. 

Our last exciting activity was our trip to the Phoenix zoo. Patrick had never been to a zoo, so I mad it a priority to go. We had a blast!!

Overall, Patrick and I had so much fun coming to my home for Thanksgiving. It was a great way to ring in the holiday season.