Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Saxi Santa

So we passed Christmas pretty well here as you know. A little bit of burnt cinnamon rolls from lighting wrapping paper on fire when our propane tank ran out. But our yummy stuffed chicken with the bishop made up for that hahaha. On Christmas Eve I forgot to mention that we went caroling downtown in the plaza. I think the people enjoyed it, although several were just in a hurry, but others gathered around to listen for a bit.

Then that night we went to the family Serrano for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. We ended up eating at like 9:15 pm, but it was a lot of fun. The best part was when the Viejito Pascuero (Santa Claus... literal translation Old Easter Man idk why they dont call him Papa Noel like in other countries) came by with a parade. We went running out of the house with the little kids and the aunt to catch up to the floats. They throw a ton of candy and then at the end, there was even more to be thrown. It was super fun. We left with enough sweets for the whole year. Plus we managed to wiggle our way next to santa for a picture.

Here are the cute little kids of the familia Serrano. Its a tough debate between who the cutest boy is in this picture. Diego is the toodler. He is three almost four and apparently didnt want to be in this picture.  and Alonzo is the little baby with the huge cheeks. He is 13 months. 

So here is something we found quite interesting about Chile. Apparently this years favorite Christmas decoration was Santa Claus playing the saxiphone. We saw at least a dozen of these life size creatures on balconies, porches, and even in houses of investigators and members. We offically call him "Saxi Santa!" Also this was at the same house that I sent as the coolest Christmas display. You can see one of the awesome trees that werent clear in the other photo. Saxi Santa was a last minute addition it seems. 

Favorite plant. Not that the plant is my favorite but that most people think they can just cut their plants like this and that the average size person can walk under it. It happenes all the time with trees and bushes and now this vine. We call it the average latin height plant:)

So.... this may not be an average market, but for the dogs this is as good as it gets. We took several pictures of this dog eating some roadkill. Of all the weird things the market has to offer, this was the grossest in the dog market. 

So I left my camera at the house, so I am still missing some photos from the challenge. These pictures were ones we took with Hna Crum`s camera. 

So before you watch this video there is some explaining to do. Well we were out taking photos one day, Hna Crum learned that you could pause the video recording on her camera and then continue to record again. So one night before bed she attempted to make a movie like a flip book. She wanted to attach a whole bunch of quick shots together using the pause button. Well, as you will see she hadnt quite figured out when the camera was paused and when it was recording. I happen to think it is hilarious, but it may be one of those "have to be there moments". Let us know. 

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