Monday, December 2, 2013

Chile, Antofagasta!

As the video reveals, I got called to the Chile, Antofagasta mission, and I report to the Chilean MTC on January 1st! When I read my report date (as evident in the video) I was totally shocked. I had put January 1st as my availability date, but I did not think I would actually be leaving that soon. Everyone seemed to be getting called in April and I kept thinking the earliest I would report would be in February. I guess someone else has a different plan.

I truly feel that the call was a tender mercy and an answer to my prayers. After my papers were all sent in, I started thinking about all of the places I could be sent. Inside and out of the United States there are so many new areas that I have never experienced. It was exciting to daydream about all the different paths that I could be on.

However, one day I was sitting in my Spanish class and got a little worried about all of those different paths. My papers had been submitted about a week prior, and my mind again wandered instead of listening to the class discussion. This semester, my Spanish class is about bilingualism and multilingualism. Our class was reviewing a variety of studies we had read that found the advantages of being bilingual. I was in a different place mentally, but quickly it hit me how much Spanish is apart of my life. I love the language; I love being bilingual; I was amazed at how Spanish had influenced so many of my life decisions.

With all this thinking, I panicked at the thought of not speaking it for 18 months. I worried that I would lose some of my ability to speak the language that I love. My mind starting spinning with sadness at the thought of losing something that meant so much to me. I felt myself start to tear up (yes, in class), so I said a quick prayer and asked that wherever I was sent I would be able to use Spanish. I didn't care if I needed to learn a new language or speak English, I just prayed I would be able to find Spanish speaking people and families.

As I closed that silent prayer, I felt so calm and peaceful. I knew it would be alright. I was assured that I would be able to use Spanish wherever I was sent.

Being called to Chile was just another answer to that same prayer. I can guarantee that I will not lose my ability to speak Spanish, and I love that!

Still January 1st looms ahead. Only 30 days until I report!! I will be home from one adventure (Tennessee) on December 14th and then be caught up in a new one two weeks later. I am excited and nervous and a little stressed, but mainly happy! I cannot wait:)

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