Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Last year our family added another tradition to our holidays, the elf on the shelf or, as we call him, Louie. Louie is a secret Santa helper who watches our family all December to make sure we are being nice. At night, he returns to the North Pole to report to the jolly St. Nick before staking out a new position in the house to spy on our family.

Since I have been home from Nicaragua, I have tried to spice up Louie's adventures. Here's a look at Louie's recent work:
First, he went zip-lining across the TV room.

Then he wrapped the door in paper!

This idea turned out perfect. It even surprised my parents!

Since Louie has been hanging around the house so much recently, he has managed to meet a special lady friend. Haha
Louie had some fun with sidewalk chalk on the table. This super cute idea was great until we washed the table and found that the chalk had scratched the paint. BEWARE! 

Sticking Louie in the fridge was a great hiding spot, but the green and blue milk made my sisters nervous. 

Louie's creative re-do. 

This is the second year our family has had Louie. We have had a blast coming up with new ideas and adventures for him. 

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