Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Recap

 This past Friday and Saturday I spent in PARADISE; I am sure of it! Here`s how it happened:
So a couple of weeks ago all the exchange students were told that there would be another feild trip with the university. Survivor weekend they called it. I was super excited, thinking I would have to start fires, eat berries, and compete in complicated challenges. As the trip drew closer, we got more details and I was sad to see that we would be staying the night in a hotel. What kind of survivor sleeps at a hotel in the night? One of the other exchange students talked with the director of the trip and told me that it was not going to be a very intense experience, just digging a hole maybe basic stuff. I was a little crushed but willing to go. 

Friday morning arrives and I finish packing the things I might need as a survivor: head lamp, bug repelent, and tennis shoes. I throw in my swim suit as an after thought that there might be a pool at the hotel. We all meet at the university and off we head!

When we arrived at our "hotel", I was rather confused. Was it a hotel? NO! It was an all inclusive resort. I saw a picture and map in the lobby of the extensive property and immediately knew I should have done some research before arriving. The Barcelo Montelimar is paradise. 

The huge property has everything: mini golf, a zoo, a beach, several pools, a gym, jacuzzi, a trollie, a club, restaurants. And its all unlimited (after the entrance fee, of course). Everything was clean and beautiful. Oh it was great! Suddenly the Survivor games that I had thought of before were of little importance, and I just wanted to relax. 

We did end up playing some the games, however. There was a fun scavenger hunt, a water game, and a knot tying contest, but then the rest of the weekend was for us to enjoy. I spent a lot of my time at the pool (pictured above). The thing is massive and in the middle on an island are a bunch of snacks and every drink all included. I tried a whole bunch of juices but my favorite was definitely Pantera Rosa.   
My Survivor tribe!
 When we got bored with the snack bar we headed to the restaurant. It is a buffet and offer everything: American, Italian, Nicaragua, sea food. Whatever you want, it is there and it was all very delicious. After eating there I was not so sure I wanted to put my swim suit back on haha. 

The greatest blessing had to be the rooms. They are set up like duoplex house so each duoplex has its own little front porch with a hammock. They were really super cute and came with.........(wait for it)....... air conditioning and hot water!!! Upon further reflection, I decided that the majority of the tourist here expected these two items and would have been angry had they not been included. However, for someone who has been living in Nicaragua for the last three months, they were unexpected blessings. I took three very long showers and slept all wrapped up in blankets and pillows. AMAZING!

 Overall the weekend was great. I felt super refreshed to be heading back to Managua after my small taste of luxury.

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