Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping It "Sexy"

This week was pretty good. We missed a day of work in our sector because we went to Tocapilla for Hna. Crum´s visa, but besides that we were able to get a lot accomplished. One of our investigators went to get her divorce filed!! We are super excited. It takes about a month and then she will need to get married, but this is difinitely a big step for her. She has been attending church pretty regularly, so I can only imagine it will be a few months before she gets baptized. J is doing better. She's been pretty restrained to her house, but it helps keep her safe. She went to church this week, and we tried to get her grandmother involved in the lessons, but she got up after a few minutes and never came back. We are going to try to be a Little more agressive this week. I know she has been prepared with all of this chaos; we just have to help her recognize this. Some of our investigators are already starting their summer vacations, so that makes it hard to find them. However, we are looking to have real miracles this transfer and are giving it our all to try to find new people. 
We have also started doing service with this elderly home in our sector. We went on Saturday to serve them once and we are going back next Saturday to clean up the garden and outdoor area. 7 members were able to go with us and we had a ton of fun talking with the people. There was this one old lady that fell in love with all of the old men. We noticed that she had her nails painted and she told us that she likes to keep "you know how they say..... everything sexy." It was super hilarious. One of the other old ladies had a person visiting her and we got to talking about her job and work and such. The visitor is a single mom and a really hard worker. She told us about how one of her children had died and we were able to testify of the plan of salvation. The spirit was really strong, and hopefully we will be able to get a hold of her this week. The elderly home has been a fun Little way to mix up the traditional missionary work, but it also worked as a great service for the Ward. I hope it will really help them become more united, they seemed to enjoy it. 
This week was our ward´s primary program, and though it was nothing like your guys program it was still pretty cute. How did your primary program go or is it this Sunday? 
Well I hope everyone has a fun week. I love you all:)
hna Biggs

Pictures from when I found out who I was training!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Warning! Heavy Traffic: llamas, alpacas, goats, and sheep

Summer is coming in full swing here and although its still not terribly hot, the sun stings. My poor new companion has a super red neck and scalp! Its super sad. Oh by the way, I am training Hna. Crum! She is from Mesa, Az and went to MVT too. She graduated in 2013 and should know Tanner and knows Bailee as well. Her first name is Jenna (Jenavieve) so maybe Bailee can remember. It's super funny to be able to talk about the same streets and places and everything. However, I have realized all of things that I dont know have happened. She knowa a  ton of new music and events and I am just like " yeah I guess I have been here for a while". Ive gotten into my own little Chilean world, and I forgot that the other world exists I guess. Hahaha I suppose I will be in for a rude awaking in a bit. 

The work is still progressing here. We found two new investigators and they both seem super great. We are doing a lot of praying and trying to work efficiently so we can have great success. J seems to be moving in reverse. We went to visit her on Saturday, but she wasnt home. Her grandma told us to come back the next day and said she wanted to go to church with her on Sunday. Well, the next day we returned and about 30 seconds after we walked in, J came stumbling in completely drunk. It was really sad to see. I dont know her that well, but I can imagine she is going through some pretty rough stuff right now. Her grandmother has become very receptive and opened up to us about J and her family life. It is extremely sad and somewhat frightening. Hna. Crum and I were praying about what may be helpful to teach not only J, but also her family, and I remembered a talk that one of the Santiago mission presidents gave to us during my time at the MTC. He talked about the powers of the atonement. He classified them as the Redeeming power, the Strengthening power, and the Healing power. The redeeming power helps us to overcome our sins when we take actions that separate us from Heavenly Father. The strengthening power of the atonement is when lack of knowledge, conversion, pride and other things like that seperate us from God. Finally, he talked about the healing power of the atonement that helps us overcome the things that happen to us that may separate us from God, but that we arent necessarily responsible for having happened, such as abuse. We need the three powers in different moments of our lives, and Hna Crum and I feel like that may be a message that J and her family could need to progress a little bit more and fully trust in God and Jesus Christ. We have an appointment on Tuesday and are praying to have a lot of Holy Ghost help!

I love you guys and hope that you have an awesome week. try to relax with those days off. Take care!

Hna Biggs

Meeting hijita in Antofagasta!

Today we went to San Pedro de Atacama and visted this awesome Laguna! Water in the driest desert in the world!

San Pedro is the little town of green behind me!

Got stuck in traffic behind this herd of llamas, alpacas, goats, and sheep!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby Number Two!

This week we didnt get to work as much as I would have liked. Monday and Tuesday we didnt get any lessons in, but certainly walked a lot. On Wednesday, I finally took a half sick day due to some respiratory problems. But I am much better now, so I am grateful for that. Then on Thursday we went to Tocapilla again to do Hna. Wisrock´s visa, and we were gone all day. Finally for the weekend we could get some quality missionary work done. 

We keep seeing miracles with J and her family. This week her grandmother went out of town, so she was living with her mom. When we went to visit them they were preparing to go Trick or Treating, so we did their makeup and then went out with them to ask for tricks while simultaneously doing contacts. We didnt get any candies, but met some fun people. J´s mom asked us to come and visit her, so we are super stoked! Her mom has had some hard consequences for her decisions, and I can imagine would love to know that she can be clean and forgiven. I cannot wait to see the whole family progress! It was certainly a Halloween miracle ( if that exists:) 

We couldnt get a hold of R or C  this week. We had appointments, but they werent there. Hopefully this week we can get in contact again. 

Well to continue the craziness of this week, Saturday was the end of my 7th transfer, and Hna Wisrock got assigned to serve in Antofagasta. And................ I will be training AGAIN!! I am super excited, but kinda nervous that I will have a gringa this time and have to teach her Spanish. There are only 4 sisters coming this transfer and someone heard that they are all gringas, so I am trying to prepare myself. We will see. I am going to Antofagasta Wednesday morning to learn who she is and take her to Calama. I cant wait!!!!!

So Sunday was spent on good-byes for Hna Wisrock. It was a lot of fun, but still I am pretty new to the sector considering I just got here 4 weeks ago. I know the streets and everything, but dont feel that I have gotten to know the people so well. Hopefully they dont all think I am weird and dont want us to visit them hahah. That would stink, but I think we will be fine. 

Its going to be an exciting transfer! Have an awesome week. Hopefully it isnt as crazy as this past one. Good luck with the new show!!

Hermana Biggs

Good byes with Bishop Martinez and his family

More Goodbyes:)

Fun with the Tocapilla district for the day!

and the best goodbye..... to our crazy apartment. We moved into our much more relaxed (and bigger) place on Saturday! This is the old place,but I will take pics of the new one next week.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Another Grand Miracle

Wow that sounds like a pretty big Halloween week. I cant believe that its already holiday season again. We have seen a few Christmas decorations already at the stores, and today we went to the mall (first mall I have been to in Chile) and there was a Christmas song on the radio. I was messing around on the piano the other week and tried a few Christmas hymns. I think its going to be pretty difficult to get through the season seeing as I almost started crying during the First Noel, but I will make it through. 

"C" is not progressing as well as we thought, but we did have a grand miracle this Sunday. So 
"J" the girl that was supposed to get baptised my first week here is pretty unpredictable. She has had three baptismal dates but she keeps smoking. She is only 15 and pretty immature, and when I met her I felt like she should not get baptised without her family. We worked a lot with her, but in the end she got tired and said she didnt want to learn anymore. It was sad to see someone so young make such a damaging decision, but I guess she had said the same thing before to the misisonaries. We decided to share our testimonies and encourage her to continue on in the gospel and then we left. My  companion felt that she was just having one of her dramatic moments, but we decided to wait a bit to go and visit or call her again. However, to our surprise she came to church and then this Sunday she came as well. In addition, this past Sunday she showed up to church and with her grandmother!!!!!, whom she lives with! The grandma could only stay for sacrament but really enjoyed it. She loves the changes she has seen in her granddaughter. It was awesome to see the change in her gandmothers attitude. I think maybe our taking about a week off of visiting with her had a negative impact on the whole family. Maybe that sad moment when "J" said she didnt want to continue was just what was going to help the rest of her family to become interested. I am really excited to see where it will all go. 

Yesterday afternoon we had a stake activity about missionary work with the members. Different members shared experiences they had had with missionaries or as missionaries and then I talked about how big of an influence members have in missionary work. At the end the stake president had put together a little flyer for the members to invite us and a non member friend to once. we had a pretty positive response and now have several appointments with members that have promised to bring a friend to a fun night. We are pretty happy about everything and have hopes. Unfortunately not our whole ward attended, so I think we will have to get some more of the flyers and present it during church or something. 

We had a funny experience on Wednesday this week. We left the apartment with a lot of hope, but quickly the hope turned to dispair. Not only did our appointments fall through, but our back up plans werent home either. We tried going to several houses but nothing was resulting. We decided we could just try doing street contacts instead and wait until it was a little later and more people might be home. However, with every street contact that we did, not only were the people not interested but they all had their own negative comments and insults to say to us. One after one.

 We were getting severely unexcited when someone walking by said, "hi, how are you guys doing? I always see you guys walking all over". I thought that this must be our reward. We started talking and he was really sweet. However, quickly the conversation turned to more insults and negativity. When we finished sharing our testimonies we left tragically upset. Missionary work can be hard, but never had I had so many problems in one day in only a few hours time. We decided to sit down and relax for a minute trying to think what we could do to recover our happiness. 

After about ten minutes we decided, to try to go and visit a member that lived close by and could be in her house. When we arrived, we saw that all of the youth were gathering at her house to have a BBQ in random celebration. We were super surprised, but then she invited us to participate as well. We were more than happy! Nothing to heal a wounded misionarys heart like a good BBQ, but that wasnt the end. Not only could we help them get everything ready, but then several non member friends came and two less active youth. It was amazing. We were able to meet some new people and all we did was walk into a BBQ. It was really a testimony to me of the grand help that members really all. We had gone all over the place trying to find people and here they had arrived without thinking. It was awesome. 

I could also see that sometimes Heavenly Father just tests us and tests us more and THEN we recieve the blessings. I thought that that nice guy who approached us was going to be our reward after having such a unproductive afternoon. I was suprised when clearly it was not the reward we thought it was going to be. However, sometimes, I suppose life is just like that we give our all and then he requires a little more. His blessings come but in His own ways and in His own time. 

I love you guys. Good luck with all of the Halloween responsibilities

Hna Biggs

PS. I forgot about the photos.  There are some of me and my companion with our hard hats and vests heading to the Chuquicamata mine tour. We loved the hats hahah. The first part of the tour went to the ghost town where the workers used to live until they found out that the air was really toxic. That freaky pinocho is from a parade that the city had that was left there. The city was so odd, because it was super normal but totally deserted. Everyone just left. There are still street signs and schools with desks, banks, grocery stores, etc all just sitting there. However, the mine has been getting so big that some of  the city is now covered. There was a hospital but its covered with dugged up ground. We saw like nighborhoods and then all of sudden the giant hill of dirt. It was odd.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Book Of Mormon Is True

My companion and I are doing well. It took some time for her to get comfortable because I think her past companion might have been a little interesting, but I just tried getting to know her and talking about her interests and life and I think she has become a little more loving and open.  

We didnt end up having the baptism on Saturday; it is now rescheduled for November, but we will see what happens. To be honest J has some strong struggles but a really stubborn attitude. We were trying to focus this week on how Heavenly Father has the power to do anything if we trust and put faith in Him. We asked her to share her testimony with us, and she has made some big changes. It is really interesting working with her, but we have faith that she will keep progressing and hopefully apply the gospel to her life. 

This week we had so much going on. On Tuesday we had interviews with President Dalton. On Wednesday night and all of Thursday we went to Tocapilla to do my companion´s visa. We finally got back and could have some regular days for the weekend, but it was crazy. Tocapilla is a little city about three hours from Calama on the coast. It was so beautiful! I loved it. Unfortunately we spent a grand part of the day at Immigration and the FBI, but it was still fun. 

We met a new investigator who works at a little shop in our sector. Her name is "C" and she seems really sweet. Her scheldule is really busy with work, but she is anxious to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We are really trying to stress to all of our investigators the need to read and pray in order to gain the first parts of a lasting testimony. I love teaching about the Book of Mormon and presenting it to people. The reacctions to additional scriptures are normally pretty mixed, but we can always reason that God loves all of His children and communicates with all of them. I know that the strongest part of my testimony, the part that will and does get me through any doubt is the answer that I recieved when I asked if the Book of Mormon was true in 2011. I cant deny the answer that I recieved and for that I know that the church is really the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. 

In Preach my Gospel, it says that whatever person, member or not, can read and pray about the Book of Mormon and receive an answer to that prayer. We are asking all of the members and less actives (and investigators) to put that statement to the test! I know that they can receive answers. 

Today for P-day we went to Chuquicamata which is a huge cooper mine about a half an hour from Calama. It was a ton of fun and I have awesome pictures, but I forgot to bring my card reader so you'll have to wait til next week, sorry. 

I love you guys and hope you have a great week

Hna. Biggs

Saturday, October 18, 2014

We Interrupt This Mission For A Transfer

I arrived in Calama on Tuesday night after an eleven hour bus ride. I have now officially seen all of the cities in the missions expect for Vallenar,  so that is pretty cool!   My companion is Hna Wisrock from Huntington Beach California.  She is twenty three and a hair stylist. We dont have too many investigators but many of them are progressing, so we are super excited,  but still focusing on finding new people.

One of the investigators is "J" .  She is fifteen and lives with her grandmother. She had a baptismal date for this Saturday, but is having struggles with the word of wisdom. She has been going to church for two months now and has many friends at mutual, but still needs the extra push.  Another investigator we just met last night. She recently separated from her husband and moved to Chile from Bolivia. At first she wasnt too interested in anything but listening to the word of god, but by the end of the lesson she was super excited to pray and read the Book of Mormon.  We have a second appointment on Thursday and I have high faith that she will do her homework. Overall the people are a little more loving here than in Caldera, but I still miss the good families from there.  I am sure it will just take a week or two to get used to the abrupt transfer.

In our sector we dont have a mamita to cook for us, so I finally get to try out some of the Chilean recipes I have been gathering for the last nine months.  Maybe I will have them perfected by the time I get back to the states. Its kinda funny that I have already been here for nine months. I guess now when people ask if I know this or that missionary, I normally do. I occassionally speak faster than the Chileans (which is a true record:) and my personal studies are much more profound than just reading Preach my Gospel lessons and the scriptures listed.  When people ask if I have a story about some sort of experience, I normally can answer postively, so its kind of a weird feeling.   I have a lot of fine tuning and improving to do, but I think I am finally feeling different.  The mission has been so awesome and fulfilling, I can only imagine how much I will be able to grow in the last nine months.

I love you guys and hope you had an awesome break. I guess I should start awaiting to have an iphone when I get home then:) how awesome! Be careful of internet usage with everyone, you can easily run into things you hadnt planned on: I love you guys!
 Ghosty lives on!  (Emilee's fish she had for years that died last year)
My new companion and I.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Calama Here I Come

 The new address to send packages is: Casilla de Correo 70, Antofagasta Chile. Also, I did recieve my package! We came to Copiapo for Pday and the zone leaders brought it to me. Thank you so much! I am eating cadbury eggs as I write. The shoes are great and will be a big improvement considering the only other pair I have, have two giant holes in the bottom, so its like walking barefoot:) Thank you so much for the balloons and everything too. I really loved it all! 

Well, I have big news. I am getting a special transfer to Calama. President Dalton called me yesterday to ask if I would be ok with moving after only 2 weeks in my third transfer in Caldera. I was really depressed, but of course I had to say yes. He said that my new companion is really homesick, and her second companion wasnt helping, so I am going to be with her and her current companion is coming here. He reassured me that I was doing really great in Caldera, but I still have doubts hahaha, but whatever, he said not to worry. I leave tomorrow at 10:30am, but the other sister is arriving tonight at 7, so we will be in a trio for the night. I am super sad to be leaving and especially so unexpectedly, but I am sure Calama will be great. 

Today, we have just been running around like crazy saying goodbye and making last minute memories, so its been fun but a little hectic. 

Did you guys enjoy General Conference? I thought it was great! Plus we had a new investigator come for the last session, and Bednar´s talk about missionary work helped her to understand our enthusiam for the gospel. She has a few family members that are members and met with missionaries several years ago, but had told us that " She was too old to be baptized because she didnt have anything more to give". We thought it was a pretty funny answer, and hopefully General Conference gave her a needed spiritual experience. 

I liked the 70´s talk (dont remember his name for the moment) about how we can be more spiritually confident. He had like six ideas and talked really fast, but it was good. One of his tips was about making sure we felt good about our bodies. I thought it was kinda funny because we had listened to the Women´s meeting about "does God really care about our makeup and dress size?" and then he was like "if you need to make diet changes, make them", but I really liked it. 

Do you guys have any fun Fall break plans? I hope you guys enjoy the break. I love you guys so much!

Hermana Biggs

 Late Birthday Party with the Alcayaga family! Yum!
A nice view of Caldera. If you look closely you can see the chapel.

 My shortest time with a companion. Hermana King -2 weeks
Happy Sister missionaries with their packages from home!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Gringa's Preaching The Gospel!

This week went well. We are still working with V and have been talking about eternal marriage. She is really interested, but her boyfriend doesnt seem to be moving his feet too quickly. However, we were able to have our first lesson with him yesterday. (He works a lot, but we finally caught them together). We shared the first vision movie; he liked it and wants a copy for the house, but he continued to say that he wasnt interested in changing. On the bright side, he is really supportive of V, so we still have a lot of hope and faith.

My new companion is Hermana King from Idaho. She lived for three years in Mesa while attending MCC so we know a lot of the same places and such. Its a little different having a gringa companion because she likes to talk in English, so now the languages are getting mixed up again. However, she is really loving and great and we are having a good time getting to know Caldera again. 

​ As you can tell, she is a lot more gringa than I am,so for once all of the horn honking and whistles and comments are not directed at me:) Some people even think I am Latin, so I am happy. However, it seems that the whiter and blonder you are the louder the comments get because the people are not at all embarrassed to be like "Wow you guys are so goregous" or " You're the most beautiful thing". It is super funny what they say to her, but we just laugh and keep walking.  We are on the hunt for more investigators as always here in Caldera, but we are focusing on finding a family that can progress together. Hopefully we will have great success in this transfer.  

I love you guys and hope you have another great week. Happy birthday Ivory! I hope you enjoyed your cupcake party and your 11th year! You are getting so grown up already. I love you:)

Hermana Biggs

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Emilee!

Thank you for all of the birthday videos! They were so cute. I especially love the Aspen one because she is upside down. "Hello Im Aspen!" They are all cute and I have put them on my memory card for safe keeping. 

Sounds like little miracles are always happening for you guys and I am so grateful. Great job on all of the projects for the show. Sounds like it was a huge success. When is the next show? This is show season isnt it?

We got our new transfers on Saturday and Hna. Palomino is going to ChaƱral and I am staying in Caldera with my new companion Hna King. I met her a few times because she came with my hijita and was serving in Arica, but she arrives in Caldera tomorrow. I think she is going to be great. 

We are sad to see Hna Palomino leaving Caldera. She has been here for six months and although we have had our days, I am going to miss her. In the end we are great friends and I learned to love her. We had such a fun time together; hopefully my new companion will mean even more great experiences. 

This week we had a really great miracle with "V". We went to visit her on Saturday, and she had read her assignment in the Book of Mormon. Even better was that her 9 year old son had also read and loved it. They began telling us all that had happened in the chapter and we were able to show them how some of the principles apply to us today.

Before starting the planned lesson, we asked "V" if she had taken the opportunity to pray to know if our message and the Book of Mormon were true. Surprisingly, she responded with a resounding yes! She had knelt down to pray two days earlier! Now I was super happy and surprised because 9 times out of 10 the people forget, but I was happy. The only worry I had was that she hadn't felt an answer. However, and to my surprise, she  had! she felt calm and a happiness in her heart after the prayer. It was warm. She told us, "I know the Book of Mormon is true". 

It was amazing. Seeing as I havent had as much success on my mission as I would like to have, I had never heard  an investigator describe their experience like that. I was overwhelmed with joy and with the spirit. These are the grand joys that make the hard work and long days worth it. I felt so revived after the lesson and with a renewed desire to keep teaching and working with my all. 

I have learned in the past few months how to work smarter and how the gospel really blesses our lives. I have learned the importance of the Spirit, and have tried to rely on it to teach those basic principles that change and bless us. I was so excited with "V" and cant wait to start up the next transfer. 

I love you all and hope this week is a little more relaxed:)

Hermana Biggs

Orbical rocks that fell from space and landed in one of the beaches in Caldera. They only exist in Caldera and some place in Australia. I was touching something "out of this world"

One of the farewells of my companion with Maggie and Marcos, two investgiators.
We went to the lighthouse again and this time the gate was broken! after the long journey we had made on foot a few weeks ago, of course I had to take advantage and actually touch the lighthouse:)

PS. Im feeling 22uu:) Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Miracle!

 This past week went by really fast, and I assume this week will be the same. The 18th of September is Independence Day for Chile and everyone is getting ready for the celebrations. There are parades and folk music and dance and a ton of empanadas. Lots of people have come to our little city for the week, but all of the people from Caldera have left, so it's going to be difficult for lessons, but it's fun to see the city full of so much life. 

We had a big miracle this week! I was so excited! We had fasted last week for our investigators to attend church. Only once in 3 months had we had one of our investigators there for Sunday, so we thought it was just to ask for church attendance for the three remaining Sundays of the transfer.

I was a little disappointed when the day of the fast, nobody came to church. The elders in the branch had two youth, but again we were sitting alone. We prayed all week that we would be able to find someone to go with us. We didn't care if it was an old investigator or someone new or even someone who just happened to wander into the chapel on Sunday. We wanted attendance.

We worked all week to invite people, but it looked complicated because of the holiday. However, we couldn't lose hope. Saturday night we called to remind people and no one answered the phone. Not a good sign. Sunday morning I started making calls a little earlier than usual to give enough time for the people to shower and what not. We really wanted our new investigator "V" to come since she was excited about the topic of baptism, but in the two attempts to call her she didn't answer. It was soon 9:15 (45 minutes before church starts) and I was feeling down thinking that the majority of the people we had called couldnt go. 

However, at the last minute, I decided that we should go and visit "V"to see if she was awake. With 45 minutes we could have time to help her get ready and then take a taxi to the chapel. We arrived outside of her house and I admit I felt like we were taking a shot in the dark. However, to our surprise, she answered the door immediately and was wearing a skirt! She was excited to go to church and brought two of her young children. We were so surprised and felt so blessed. A member that had accompanied us to one of the lessons was there to welcome her, and "V" knew two other members as well. It was perfect. We were so grateful to see that our fasting and prayers had been answered. 

Yesterday, we had a great conference and I learned so much. It was awesome! We are going to be working much smarter now!

I love you guys so much and will talk to you next week. We will see where the transfer takes us. 

Hermana Biggs

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Add Professional Tire Changer To The Resume!

Well this week we didnt have much change in luck, but it was still a fun week. We had zone conference Tuesday and then we spent the night in Copiapo for our interchanges? (Is that what they are called?). It was a lot of fun to work in a different sector for a day. I got to learn from having a different companion, but I am always amazed at how much I grow to love the people we visit. I am with them for an hour, but I start to feel like they are my investigators or less actives. I think that when you are helping people come closer to God, that you develop ties much quicker. 

On Wednesday, we went to visit one of our less active members in the hospital in Copiapo. She had been there for over a month to have a tumor removed. She was so happy to see us, and we were grateful that they let us in to visit. She returned to Caldera on Saturday and says she is feeling much better. 

We had a lot of energy and excitement to be back in our own sector and working together. We prayed that we would be able to find new people to teach because all of investigators are fading away. We decided to do even more street contacts. I remember the first two weeks when I arrived in Caldera I went street contact crazy looking for new investigators and out of all of the people I talked to I never received one address! We've kept obviously doing contacts since then, but not as crazily. Nonetheless this week we had great success. Out of all of the contacts we did about 1 in every 5 didnt want to hear more, so we were in the clouds with future invesitgators. Hopefully this week we will be able to have some great appointments. 

For Pday today 4 hermanas from Copiapo came to Caldera to visit Bahia Inglesa. We thought that we should travel in style and asked our favorite members if they could take us in their car. They recently bought the car and were super exxcited. We wanted to go to the lighthouse first to show the hermanas and then to the beach, but when we took the road there was the same protest happening when my companion and I had gone three weeks earlier. The protests had stoped but it looks like they are at it again. (Shellfish fishers against a mining company). However, the family that took us wanted to go the back way by a dirt road. To make a long story short after a lot of rock hoping and sand we made it to the lighthouse, but when we got out of the car we realized that a tire was rather slowly leaking air. 

The husband said that we should go look at the lighthouse and that he would change the tire, but after taking a quick tour of the lighthouse and talking to his wife, it appeared that he may not know how to change a tire. I remembered the time that I had knocked the tire off the rim in front of the piano teachers house and dad taught me how to change the tire, so I went to help. Good thing I had learned because he was really unsure of how to go about changing a tire. In the end, although the family didnt want a flat tire, they said that everything worked out because had it happened when they were alone that wouldnt have known what to do. Everyone was pretty impressed with my skills:) Put the jack on the frame of the car not a plastic part, tighten all of the bolts a little bit first and then retighten so that the tire is balanced and straight all of the little tricks ( at least I think it was all of the tricks, the tire didnt fall off or anything:) Thanks Dad!

 love you guys and hope you have a great week. Good luck with the shows and busy schedules!

Hermana Biggs

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Search For Happiness

The pictures of Jett are so cute. He really does look a lot different than Brax when he was born. So adorable! I cant wait to meet him in December through Skype. Its a good thing that you guys live pretty close to Amanda to help her out. I know Brax is still in the terrible twos and another baby has to be a chllenge. But he is cute! Mom, are the glasses a permanent thing now? Hahaha jkjk.

This week has gone by pretty fast again. We have been working hard, but Indepence Day is coming up and more and more people are leaving their houses or having visitors, so it makes our work difficult. The bright side though is that we still get a lot of work in with the members and less actives. They normally are more confortable with letting us in with their families and such. That's great for us because our little branch needs some help. We are trying to form a branch family with the members, so that they are more loving and understanding. I think we have made great progress, especially with our weekly activities. We had a great attendance again this past week and the best was that the members stayed and talked to each other. Although no investigators came, I still felt like it was a successful event. 

My companion and I are working on revamping our lessons. We both felt that things were getting a little repetitive. To some extent it is unavoidable because we are teaching the same lessons and the same principles every day. However, we want to have different lessons, lessons where the spirit teaches more than we do. We have been practicing and planning better what we can ask and say and share so that each lesson is different and stronger. So far, things have been going great! Our lessons seem more like conversations and we have avoided repeating the same scriptures or experiences. I feel like I am really learning to be a better teacher and its awesome. 

We are still working on our transfer of change and we have three weeks left to see how it goes. We have been talking a lot about the things we have learned in the mission and the things that we still want to improve, so I think we are going to see great success at the end of the three weeks. Its kind of funny, because my current companion has been the most difficult so far, and its not that bad,  but yeah a bit of a struggle. Nonetheless, we are getting along really well and are committed to being better. We pass every other minute laughing and joking and then talking about the craziest, most random stuff. I remember what my very first companion had read from "Our Search for Happiness" back in the MTC that sometimes we let little differences and things of the world interfer with the big truths; That we are all children of God and need Him and His love in this life. Its great to know that when Hna Palomino and I have the same goals and the same desires we can put the little differences of personality away and work really well together, and really have a great friendship. 

The weirdest thing happened on Sunday. We were in the Sunday school class and one of my favorite members from Caldera was teaching. It was a great class about Oseas from the New Testament, and she is a really great Sunday school teacher. For a brief moment she stopped teaching to take off her jacket and I am not sure if it was the top she was wearing or the way she had her hair or what but when I looked up to see her again, she looked just like you, mom. I kept starring at her but all I could see was you. Of course I couldnt help the tears from falling as I thought about the things that we havent been able to do in the last eight months, but at the same time it was conforting to feel you so close. I hope you are doing well and staying on top of all of the activities, weddings, projects, shows, children, and grandchild. I love and miss you! Have a happy birthday this week. 

I love you all and wish you the best. No more dumping ice water on each other hahaha. Ciao!

Hermana Biggs