Monday, November 25, 2013

Called to Serve

On Saturday I received my mission call in the mail! I had spent the whole day in Nashville and had a feeling that it was anxiously awaiting me back at home. Sure enough, it was!

Currently my family and best friend are a little spread out (my parents and one sister are in NYC, my best friend is in DC, and the rest of my family is in AZ) ,so I knew I wouldn't be able to open it right away. It was just important that they could Skype in and see on Sunday.

I was elated to have my call in my hands, but I did not feel too curious. After all, with the study abroad programs I have done, I have gotten used to being uncertain about where my travels will take me next. I simply set the call on the counter and headed to bed knowing I could open it the next day at 6 pm.

Well, I was thoroughly surprised when I woke up on Sunday super early with a locked up jaw. Apparently I had not slept well and clinched my teeth all night. Overall I was more excited than I realized. Of course, Sunday seemed to drag on, but it was worsened by the fact that not only did I have to fulfill my calling as Sunday School teacher, I had also been asked to give a talk. I was nervous, clumsy, and jittery as I stumbled through my talk on (of course) missionary work. Later I went to Sunday School and checked the clock every five minutes, so I would be sure to end exactly on time.

Finally it was time to head home. I invited over some friends from the YSA ward to watch me open the call, so from the instant I walked in the door I was in work mode trying to prepare dinner. At last, everyone arrived and was the family was all connected via Skype and the opening could begin!

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