Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Arrival In Chile

Emilee left for Chile at 11:15am Tuesday, December 31st.  Here she is getting ready to go through security. 

Does she look like a fantastic Missionary or what!  It was a long day and a long night as we waited to hear of her arrival.  Her flight landed in Santiago at 9:00am, January 1st.  We just received our first email:

I have arrived safely and am at the CCM now. There were 7 other missionaries that I met in Alanta and we all flew together. They were really fun to meet and I felt like a genius because I was the only one who was fluent. The flight went really well and I was able to sleep for 5 hours. Which is good since we are going right to work. After arriving we went to that historic building (we read about it on a blog) that is not part of the CCM to stay and live, but it turned out that Antofagasta missionaries dont stay there. So i was specially driven over to the CCM. We are working on memorizing some scripture right now, but I have 5 minues to write. I will be in the CCM for two weeks, since apparently I still remember all of my Spanish. So my departure date is January 14. Everything has been fun and I am getting along well with all the latina sisters, which is good because they will be my companions while I am here. I have only met three other people going to Antofagasta, which is crazy because the misison is soooo much bigger than any other in Chile. Well I have to go! Talk to you later I love you all. Not sure when P day is yet
Hermana Biggs

What a blessing to have our sweet Emilee serving a mission.  We will continue to post her emails and pictures.   

One Proud Missionary Mom!

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