Monday, February 24, 2014

One Month In The Mission Field

Wow sounds like a packed week. I am glad you guys are so involved in missionary work there. That is awesome, and member missionaries are really the key. Keep up the good work!  We have an 8 year old that we are trying to get baptised . Her parents are investigators and her mom attends church every Sunday. This past week, F, the girl, turned 8 and really wants to be baptized. However, her mom wants her to wait a little longer until she knows more. We feel that she is ready and have talked to the primary president. We all agree. F is super motivated and knows several Book of Mormon stories. We are going to teach the missionary discussions to her and then hopefully commit her to a baptismal date for the 15th of March. We have to get permission from the mission president since she is under 16 and her parents are not members, but we are pretty sure that he will agree since they are active. Keep her in your prayers. 

We have several other children of menos activos that need to baptized, but the rule is that children cannot be baptised unless their parents are active. We have a new less active family we are working with. It is actually part member because one of the daughters is an adult but not baptized. Plus, there is a 10 year old boy but his parents of course are not active. Hopefully we will see some changes there. 

Hermana Castor and I are really struggling to find new investigators. We did not have any dias de los muertos but we had no success finding new people. This week we have promised ourselves to ask references from everyone, regardless of what state of conversion they are in. We have a goal of 5 new investigators which would be amazing! With a little prayer power I am sure we will be able to do it. 

The family we are really focusing on right now is K and E and their daughter S. I have talked about them before I believe, but they are great. They have a lot of interest and want to keep learning and learning. They like to invite us over at 7 pm for "once"  (pronounced like the Spanish number 11). It is the final meal of the day here in Chile. They do not eat dinner , but have a large lunch. Then the once is in the evening and consists of tea, juice, and ham and cheese sandwhiches. They love their bread and eat it with everything. It is super delicious. Although I am not sure why since its not anything super special, but at 7pm there is a bread shop that has fresh bread and the smell fills all the streets. Its a temptation every night to eat it!  

Anyways we want to start really pounding baptism with K and E so that they really understand the importance. They are still committing to come to church this Sunday, so that is great. However, like what is happening to you guys we have people promise up and down that they are coming to church and then never show up. However, we had luck for the first time getting someone to church! She is a less active and has a 2 month old baby. She is really struggling with emotional problems and being a new single mom. However, she said she would come to church and asked if we could pass by her house in the morning to make sure she went. She has been inactive for 10 years, but went this past Sunday!!! She said she would come again this week too! I am so happy to see her trying to put her life in order. 

This week I passed my first month in the mission field (the time in Arica not including MTC time)! It was Valentines Day! I feel like I have learned so much about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. However, I am sure there is much more I need and will learn. In the BOM I am in 3 Nephi; Christ is about to come and visit the people. I have been looking for the promises we can obtain from keeping the commandments. There are so many scriptures that speak of an action we do and then immediately promise a blessing. Those are my favorites. I also like the war chapters in Alma and Helaman and trying to find principles. I have learned so much  from those chapters but sometimes the principles  I pull from the readings are a little stretched to be applied to something besides war, but that’s the fun part! Relating it all to my days and struggles. 

I hope you guys have an awesome week! When is the udderly show? I think Superstition Farms is where I took the girls this past summer? It is out in Queen Creek and on Hales Rd or something? Super fun! Mom make sure you have time to make up for the Valentines Day diseaster! Hahaha too funny, surprises never work the way I want them to either. 

If you have not made CDs yet there are a few songs I am interested in Come thy font by the Mormon Tab Choir, one song from the best 2 years one line is " Can’t you see I am not who I used to be" sung by a male, and the last is a song by a woman- she talks about being in a plane and talking to an atheist. One of the lines is " It passes all my understanding how it all turned out just right". I dont have the titles but maybe you can find them with the lyrics. Anyways I love you guys and cant wait to hear from you next week!

Hermana Biggs 
Here's a photo from the BBQ we had today for the final pday of our zone leader. This is not our zone, just some of his close misisonary friends. 

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