Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sister Training Leader

Well, a new transfer has begun and I am now serving in Chañaral!! I took an 8 hour bus ride and arrived about an hour ago. Chañaral is another smaller town like Caldera. It's on the coast, so I am currently dying from humidity. Hopefully, Iy will be able to get used to that soon. I am also what they call a sister training leader now, so that should be fun. I basically have to keep track of the girls in my zone and do exchanges with them. Plus every month we go to the mission office for training with the president and eat Papas Johns Pizza (real american pizza!!). I am hoping that this will be fun:)

Besides that not too much is new. We were able to put two baptismal dates with some investigators in Calama, but now I left,  so Hna Crum will have to take care of those for me. Also, on a not so great but then great note, I got rid of my pinworms, so thats fun. Oh, my new companion here is Hna Arenas from Peru. She seems really fun and nice. she is going home in May, so we will probably be together for two transfers.

Hopefully, i will have some super exciting news for you guys next week, once I start to get to know the sector. I am super excited to be here. It feels like a great place. (wel, l not the hot sticky part,  but spiritually speaking:)

Love you guys, 

Hna biggs

saying good bye to hna crum

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