Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another Wedding May 25th

This week was all so great here in Chile. Our papitos that we lived with during all of the rain and flood problems got married today! The ceremony was at 9 am so that they could be heading to Santiago later and be able to get to the US to for their temple sealing. Despite that today was only the civil wedding, they were so happy. It was so cute to see them :) On Saturday we had had a little reception at the church with them to celebrate. She threw a fake bouquet, they cut the cake together, and even shared a giant kiss. How romantic. It was a lot of fun as well. 

On Saturday, I also got to be sick all day long. I think I had some sort of food poisoning which is not fun, but I kept thinking I would get better and be able to leave the house. Never happened. The good thing is that I am mainly repared now and working happily again in the field:)

We met a great new investigator named J this week. She is a single mom of 3 and has a really kind heart. Her father was one of the many who did not leave his home in time to survive the flooding, so she has been really sensitive for his passing lately. We have only taught her once, but it was really sweet how she felt the spirit. We invited her to church and she said that she doesnt want to come, not even out of curiosity. It appears we have our work cut out for us, but we feel that when she better understands why we go to church that she will definitely be more excited to attend. 

We have also had some cool experiences in one home. A few weeks ago we contacted two women on the street  and they invited us to come and visit and teach them. We went several times to their home, but they were never home or didnt have time for us. Then last week we passed by again, and surprisingly they had moved! However, we contacted the new home owners and they said that we could pass by in another opportunity. A few days ago we again went to the same house looking for the new family and guess what? They werent there; however, the woman{s mother was there. She is a member that got bautised about 20 years ago and has bee inactive for about the last 18 years. She was a youth when she got bauptised but enjoyed the activities and events of the church. Recently she lost all of her things in the flooding and is living in a small bedroom with her two youngest children. We were able to share with her and help her to feel happiness and love. She wants to be able to come back to church and this time hopefully she can have a real conversion. Its funny how in this one house we have met so many people hahah. We are going to pass by again to hopefully be able to find this lady{s older daughter, if she doesnt just move on us hahah. 

I love you guys have a great first week of summer!

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