Friday, September 30, 2011

College Life Begins

I have gotten so far behind with blogging from moving from Germany and now up to Flagstaff, Arizona. College started just over a month ago and it is going great. However one mishap, my computer received a virus somehow, so for now I am stuck using the computer labs and can not post pictures. I am enjoying living in Flagstaff but am deathly afraid for cold season. Traditionally, Flagstaff gets its first bit of snow on Halloween. THAT'S IN 31 DAYS. I am convinced I should be doing something to prepare for the burst of cold that is about to encircle the area, but I have no clue what that something is. I have bought a rain jacket and two wool coats. I have some jeans as well. Does anyone have suggestions for appropriate foot wear? (Please keep in mind that I want to look somewhat attractive in winter shoes:) Never have I had to deal with cold weather for more than a couple of days. I am excited to experience it, but still terrified. I am sure once the weather and snow hits, I will adapt easily and survive. Lets hope!


  1. Some super cute black boots should do the trick- I think I saw some at a boutiquey type store right there in Flagstaff- Maybe you can sucker your mom into getting them for you. LOL Love you!

  2. Oh that would be very nice of her. I wonder what I would have to do to get those?? Hmmmm....