Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ways to Save in College!

Just about everyday, I come up with a way to save something. Sometimes its time or money or effort or even my own sanity. As a result of all of my fabulous saving ideas, I figured I could make an on-going sequence for my blog. So every now and again when I have an saving epiphany I post about it. Hopefully someone out there can use my inspiration and save himself.
Without further ado, ways to save MONEY in college tip #1: Stop drying loads of laundry. My roommate and I were forced into doing this one day when all of the dryers were busy in our communal laundry room., but it ended up working out great. Not only do I now save about $1.25 ($0.75 per load) a week but I do not have to worry about being late to pick up my clothes.As it is common in our small laundry room for wet or dry clothes to be tossed on the floor if the owner is not exactly on time to retrieve them. In addition, I already have the perfect drying rack, my own bed. I use the ladder side to place small items like socks, shorts, and underwear, and then I can hang shirts, pants, and dresses on the bed frame. The only down side my roommate and I have discovered to this method, is that instead of it taking 45 minutes for clothes to dry, it takes around 4 hours. Eventually, I may have to break down and use the dryer again in an eurgent "I need this dry now" case, but for the time being the bed/ drying rack is working great and saving me money.

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  1. I'm happy to see you being so frugal- You make your momma proud!