Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sedona Hike!

Well... my "friend" from my Thanksgiving post has now become my BOYFRIEND. We have been having tons of fun together and recently went on the Seven Sacred Pools hike in Sedona. The views were nothing short of amazing. The "pools", however, were a bit disappointing. Maybe if someone could inform me of their spiritual meaning and I would appreciate them a bit more. The hike to get to them is also very short so we decided to head out on some other trails in the surrounding area including the Cibola and Jordan trails. These hikes allowed for amazing views and were fairly easy walks.

The mountain in the background is known as the Sphinx, for obvious reasons.  The trails we followed basically curved around this structure.

We arrived at the Seven Pools. I believe that this is actually a river after the snow melts and such. Maybe it is a bit more impressive then? Anyways there were three very small pools, about the size of a large foot, at the beginning. The last four pools were larger and probably two feet deep. It is pretty amazing how these pools are carved into the red stone.

The cutest thing about these Sedona trails are the millions of pieces of red rock that are heart shaped. In many of trees people have displayed the hearts, and with it being so close to Valentine's Day and all, the hearts really added a touch of romance. Of course, I spent much of the hike trying to convince Patrick that the hearts were nature made. But I think he still believes that someone sat there carving them all. Nope! Love is everywhere in nature. 

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