Thursday, August 9, 2012


Over the past few months I have abandoned this blog, but I am ready to start it up again whole heartedly.

 A lot has changed since I last wrote, the biggest change being that I now live in Nicaragua!! I got accepted to study abroad at the Universidad Amerciana in Managua. I have been here for almost two weeks and am really falling in love with the culture.

It is sooooo different from my life in the states, but everyday I am getting more accostumed to my new life. Here are some ways in which life here is different:

  1. Of course I am speaking a lot of Spanish. The accent is very different from the Mexican Spanish that I was taught. For example Nicas (Nicaraguans) do not pronounce "s", so words like "bus" turn to "boo" and "mismo" turns to "mimo".
  2. There is trash everywhere in the city! Its common to see people chucking water bags, wrappers, and food out the window of their cars .I am not sure why, but people can not seem to find a garbage can around here.
  3. The food is definitely one of the biggest differences. I eat gallo pinto (rice and black beans) constantly paired with something fried, such as a madura(plantain), taco, pollo (chicken), and even hunks of queso (cheese)! I definitely am still trying to get used to all the oil.
Overall though, I am loving this experience. I apologize for the lack of pictures. Apparently, my camera looks expensive, and my host mom worries that it be stolen. As a result, I am not allowed to use it often. However, in the future I will try to find a way to take pictures so that everyone can see what I am experiencing.

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