Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Southern Comfort Zone

I had mentioned at the beginning of the year that I had no travel plans, but of course I could not let that last very long. I knew I wanted to be out and exploring and learning again. Luckily, I caught word of the National Student Exchange just at the right time. Its just like studying abroad, but I stay within the United States. I heard about the program just before the deadline, so I had a lot to accomplish and decide on, but I was so eager it came naturally. After narrowing my choices down to three schools and waiting for weeks, I finally heard the amazing news last Friday: I am going to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville!!!

The placement was completely unexpected. True, it was my first choice, but last year UT only accepted one person. I felt certain that I would be attending my second choice in Worchester, Massachusetts or maybe even my third choice in Fairbanks, Alaska.

In complete shock, I listened to the voice recording from my education abroad advisor and realized that my dream was coming true. I was going to Tennessee!

My dream?? Here's the explanation:
For the past several years, I have been imagining my fairy tale life. The picture perfect future for me is a small two story house on a big grassy lot . Fruit trees line the back of the property with some big oak trees in front of the house. A tire swing hangs from one of the branches and several children are out playing in the yard. I imagine a garden and maybe some farm animals (mainly chickens, a cow maybe depending on how self-reliant I want to be). I picture living in a small community far enough away from a city to be peaceful but still close enough so that I do not have to say "when I go into town". Of course I will be accompanied by a loving husband who supports my ideas of living a simpler life and cherishes all of my goofy quirks.

May not sound like much to you, but its my dream. And its a dream that I always pictured taking place in Tennessee.  Now I have never been to Tennessee and do not really now much about it, so its kind of odd that it is part of the dream, but whatever.

Obviously the unexpected news of going to my dream location is amazing to me. I cannot wait.  Everything I have been reading about the state and the school just makes me even more thrilled to go. Every aspect seems perfect, but even if its not everything I have chalked it up to be, I know it will be an awesome experience.

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