Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Quarter

Spring Break has drawn to a close and life continues at Northern Arizona University. With the final quarter of the school year here, its time for me to buckle down and focus. My upcoming travels to Tennessee seem to have me distracted, but I am committing myself to finish strong. So I made some small resolutions to hopefully keep me going!

First, I am instating a five o'clock rule. I am going to work my hardest to accomplish everything on my to do list up until five pm. Last quarter I found myself always procrastinating by watching TV episodes or just lounging around, and then by night time I was too tired and unmotivated to do anything besides sit around.

Second, I working for a sugarless quarter. Notice I said sugarless as in less sugar. I did not say sugar free. I am just attempting to cut out all those random sugars and worthless calories I ate last quarter. For example every time I went to the grocery store I HAD to buy a package of skittles or milk duds to eat on the way home. Fruit snacks, syrup, pop tarts, I ate way too much of it all, so I have traded out some snacks for healthier ones and am reading labels carefully. But lets be honest, I don't want to go a whole quarter without skittles.

Finally, to go with the five o'clock rule there is a seven am rule. It may not seem very early for some, but its my new wake up time regardless of the day ahead. I have never been one to sleep in too late to begin with; however, even a couple hours in the morning can make a difference. I get more accomplished and am on with my day.

The several long research papers whose deadlines are starring me in the face are pretty daunting, but I feel like these mid-semester goals will keep me focused and on top of all my work....... at least I hope so:)

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