Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

Oh I am glad that the letter got to you guys alright. I sent it like three weeks ago, and was wondering when/if it would arrive. Did you like the classy homemade envelope? Hahaha. The play room looks great. it is going to be the most sophisticated play room with the tan walls and hard wood, but it looks cleaner. (hopefully it stays that way:) Devynne´s wedding pictures are so adorable. I love them. Keep telling her that she needs to write me because she hasnt done it yet. Did they get married in Colorado or Utah? How cute, everything looks perfect.

 I loved your experience from church this past week. It is so amazing how much young children can understand. Last night we had a lesson with a new family that is investigating the church. A year or two ago they had talked to missionaries as well, but the parents believe in God "in their own way" (a common saying here in Chile). As we sat down with them to talk about the restoration, the 9 year old boy mentioned that he had seen the pamphlet and read it. He remembered many of the key points including the Book of Mormon. It was amazing to see that he had taken an interest and still remembered the teachings. Even more interesting was that his 4 year old sister also remembered the way that the missionaries had taught them to pray. She explained with such certainty that prayer was a way to talk to God, I was surprised by her little testimony. Still, it appears that their parents are not too interested in any church, but they invited us back anyways. I think that the faith of these young kids can change their parents. 

My companion and I are doing great. She was super excited to see that Argentina was going to be in the world cup, but unfortunately we couldnt watch the game. Maybe that's better for her because in the end they didnt win. I dont understand soccer or really any sport, but it was fun to see all of Chile get so animated for the games. 

This week we were able to find 6 new investigators (3 families)! I am super excited. This transfer we have a goal of 3 baptisms and I know we can do it, if we keep finding such great people. We have really been praying and trying to talk with as many people as possible to make sure that we do our part in getting people closer to Heavenly Father. This week we had amazing results. Hopefully this coming week will be even better. 

As far as as branch activities..... the movie night was not so hopping. We had an attendance of 15. All were members excpet for one who came after the video with a member friend. She had talked to missionaries beforehand and wasnt interested, but hey at least she came! She also has a lot of member friends, so we are going to try to have some FHEs with them and her. Our English classes, however, were awesome! We had six new non member students that showed up! I was super excited. The class went well, but the best part was at the end. We had talked with the Elders and decided that at the end of each lesson we were going to do a vocabulary list to learn and then at the start of each class we could play a game to review. Before we just did grammar from the english textbook that Latins are given in the mission. The gringo elder taught the first lesson and then asked me to do the vocabulary part to finish. I thought we could do the body parts and then talk about how our bodies are gifts from God. Thats just what I did, and I think it went really well. But what would be an English class without a little embarrassment?? So... i made a group of about 15 adults sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. It was super funny, and they really liked it. The accents and pronounciation got worst as we went through the song faster, but it was super fun. After the class was over, we did a chapel tour, and that went really well. We were able to talk about the importance of the sacrament and baptism, and introduce each of the sunday school classes. The new people seemed to like listening, so we have high hopes there as well. This weekend, there is a 1800s festival in Caldera (population 15000 btw), so we are going to try to have an Open Chapel and give tours to the tourists and people that pass by. Plus, we have a large supply of Our Heritage books to tie into the 1800s theme of the city. 

I hope that you guys keep enjoying your summer break. I am still freezing here in Caldera, especially since our little electric heater broke. My night time attire includes almost my whole wardrobe and then 6 heavy blankets, but at least I keep really warm. I love you guys!

Hermana Biggs

PS: In 365 days exactly I should be home!

Today we went to Bahia Inglesa a little town about ten minutes from caldera with white sand and turquoise water. it was super beautiful.

 I found a little crab! Haha

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