Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Week Of Miracles

I love the pictures from Amazing Jakes! It looks like the girls had fun there. What was the theme for girls camp this year? Did dad have to chase away any spiders or rats or bats? Always a good time in the woods. 

I love the Jospeh Smith video too! I am impressed by the humility that Joseph Smith and the first leaders of the church had in order to fulfill their purposes even when maybe they didnt understand everything themselves. We are so blessed for their diligence, and its true, we often dont think about what they gave up in order to give us the gospel that we have today. 

The zone attack went really well on Thursday. We had about 50 youth and 38 missionaries show up to help us plant seeds and cultivate. The first few hours of the activity we did a mini MTC in the church. We divided into 6 districts and taught important principles from Preach my Gospel that they could use throughout the day,  then we ate a delicous lunch of grilled chicken and rice yum yum, Finally, we set out to work! I was assigned to 4 young women that,  to be honest,  weren't too intersted in proselytizing. We did some contacts and then they wanted to play in the park. (not the easiest task I have had hahaha). I wasnt given very many less actives to go and visit and the investigators that lived in the area weren't home.

 I wanted the girls to have a good experience but as the minutes passed on the only change we saw was in their energy levels. Soon they wanted to take breaks every few seconds. I started praying that we would be able to find somene to teach or a good street contact so that they coud have a great missionary experience. Just at the conclusion of my prayer we started to cross the street and one of the girls said, " Hey my aunt lives there". We quickly walked over to the house and I realized that it was the home of a less active that never lets us in because her house is under renovations and she is embarrassed of the mess. However, with her niece by my side, we entered! It was a great lesson and finally the girls could see a little bit more of the missionaries miracles. 

When we left I handed the girls some pass a long cards and invited them to give them all out before we had to head back to the church. They got more interested after the lesson, and they placed all of their cards. Then when we were about to start to head back to the church to finish up the day, a cousin of a different girl passed by. She is not a member but has been looking to participate in a church. She is a little older and lives with her mom, but said that they are always home and would love to hear our message. Another blessing to finish off the day. 

We arrived back at the church only to have tons of youth running up to us to tell us about the amazing investigators they had met. My companion as well had met several people with her group of youth and was excited. The event ended with a short testimony meeting and it appeared that everyone enjoyed their day in Caldera. We were able to locate several members and received about 50 references between the elders and us. We have been trying to contact and set up appointments with everyone and are having success. 

One of our sucesses is E . She had a quick lesson with some youth and wanted missionaries to return. We had an appointment set up for Friday. She was surprised to see that we too were youth, but man was the lesson super powerful. She shared some of her spiritual experiences with us and we tauhgt her about the Plan of Salvation and Book of Mormon. she says that she has lots of time to read and has been looking for a long time for the true church. We invited her to be baptized and she took a long pause. Then she said, " well to be direct........................ Of course! I think it is my turn now and that God is calling me to be baptized" The spirit was impressive. We were so excited and cant wait to see her progress. Her goal date is for the 23rd of August! 

It has been a week of miracles here in Caldera and I assume that there are more coming in this week. I love you guys:) Take care!

Hermana Biggs

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