Tuesday, March 3, 2015


This week went better. We had an awesome time in Antofagasta learning all about our mission purpose: BAPTIZE. It was a great conference and it gave me a lot of excitement to keep going. "J" had her interview and on Sunday we annouced her baptism for this Friday. She even shared her testimony with a non- member and wants to give out Books of Mormon to some of her friends. She is super awesome and really excited for everything. The only worry is the water. She is a little terrified of getting wet, she even showers by washing her body, part by part. We showed her the font and described how a baptism occurs and she seemed fine with everything. I hope she doesn't freak out in the water or something because that would be a little crazy hahaha. 

We also met a really great family. They are a young couple and for once they are already married!!! Their names are "N & P" and they have two little kids. "P" had talked with missionaries before and was really involved in a few other churches, but wants to read the Book of Mormon and ask for himself if it is true. We have a lot of faith that we are going to see a miracle. 

Hna Crum wrote me and said that "J" (from my last area) got baptized this week and everything went great! She is going to send me a picture hopefully next week so that I and you guys can see "J" dressed in white!

I love you guys and hope you all have a great wedding week. I cant wait to see photos!

Hna Biggs

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