Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Goals, Guanacos and Graveyards

Hahaha I was remembering that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. Its Grandpa Ron`s birthday as well? I will be sure to put some green on. I just bought a cute sweater at the second hand market that has green in it,so I will get it all washed up lol. I kinda thought your response to the gray hair thing would be "dont worry, its totally normal to have a few gray hairs when your young", but thanks for the consulting "I cant believe you already have gray hair" comment:)

This week was great. We had a goal of finding 7 new investigators and we were able to find 5. I know we didn't complete entirely the goal, but with every new investigator I really could see Heavenly Father's hand. We missed the goal by a few people, but I am sure this week we will find those two we are missing. However, the goal this week is to up our lessons with members. I am sure I will see God´s help once again. We are really putting into practice the "pray with a specific purpose", and Heavenly Father is willing to give us what we ask for. Its really great. 

Today, we went to a little animal reserve. There werent many animals,but it was still pretty fun. I came face to face with an animal that is native to the north of Chile. Its called a guanaco (i think thats how it is spelled). They are pretty interesting looking creatures. Ill attach photos. 

Then we went to the cemetery to see what that was like.I thought I might see some green. A few trees or maybe some grass if I were lucky, but its a pretty depressing place. A lot of the sites are from the early 1900s and are falling apart, but it was still pretty cool. 

 I love you guys!
 Have a great week of Spring Break!

Hna Biggs 

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