Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arizona Day Trip

After several attemps to plan a trip that yielded no success, my friend, Scott, and I did what I do best. We planned last minute and hoped for the best. The trip seemed headed down hill after a mishap with the car, but it just just continued to better from that point. At the end of the day, we had visited Jerome and Sedona, Arizona.  

Our first stop was Jerome, Arizona. I asssume it was once an established, flourishing mining town. Today in Jerome however, resides only a small population and many art studios and galleries. I fell in love with the mountain town when I was traveling to the Grand Canyon. I love the artsy feel and the gorgeous view.  

The Jerome Grand Hotel stands as the highest building in this hillside town. We entered the restaurant, The Asylum, to learn that the structure was originally a hospital for the insane. At night ghost tours are given about patients that haunt the rooms and still refuse to leave today. Spooky!

 I discovered my favorite part of the hotel walking down to the lobby. This old fashioned elevator was caught my eye and I just had to step in. I didn't dare go for a ride though. I couldn't help thinking I might enter the twilight zone or be attacked by some rabid ghost.     
 Overall, I loved stopping in Jerome and showing this quirky town to Scott. But it was time to hit the road again and experience the red rock of Sedona.
  This was my first time in this beautiful city. I was warned that it was a tourist trap, and I believed it after the "tourist info" booth try sealing us a hotel room. 
The Chapel in the Rocks was the second stop in Sedona. It was like nothing I had seen before. The view was amazing and the building itself was so breathtaking and powerful.
The road then lead us to Oak Creek. I hear the creek is shut down during monsoon season; luckily I got to step in and enjoy the beauty of the nature. And of course it would only be natural that I trip on a slippery rock and fall in. It all adds to the traveling experiences I suppose, and the bruises definitely tell a story. 

Before heading home we stopped at Picazzo, literally one of the best pizza places I've been to. I laughed at the sign that read "where pizza ia art", but I believe in it after eating it. Our pizza was topped with goat cheese, pesto, pine nuts, and shrimp. YUM. Its only about two hours from home so I will definitely be visiting there again. I had so much fun on this short day trip and can't wait to travel again.   

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