Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Beach!

When a girl friend of mine invited me to go to the beach with her, I was super excited! We headed out on Saturday about midday for the adventure. The beach we visited was private, owned by a small community that lives around it. The majority of the community, however, is made of little beach houses, not by permanent residences. As a result, we had the beach to ourselves.

The drive to the community was a little sketch. The rain from hours earlier had washed large gorges into the dirt road and big puddles had accumilated. Luckily, however we made it to the beach in safety.

Although the clouds and distant rain make it look like a terrible day for the beach, it was quite the opposite. The water was warm and the clouds helped block the strong sun. It also made for some great pictures.

The day was great. We spent a couple of hours soaking in the water and playing in the waves. Then we headed home. As opposed to Arizona, its fun to think that I can travel to the beach and back in half a day.

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