Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty laid back. I spent Saturday and Sunday watching General Conference, which did not leave time for much anything else, but was definitely inspiring.

At first I was bummed out that I would miss watching it at my house. Normally, my family buys and makes a whole bunch of food (cheese dip, salsa, chips, fruit salad, sticky popcorn, and loads of candy) and we all crowd into the tv room, staking out our territory around the room with numerous blankets and pillows. This makes watching the eight hours of Conference go by fast and in comfort.

The idea of having to travel to the church building, get all dressed up, and sit in a pew for eight hours seemed less than inviting. However, without access to a computer, it was my only option. SO come Saturday morning I arose bright and early to prepare myself.

I was a little leering when at 9:30 the church building was still locked and only about three people and a group of missionaries had showed up. Luckily, a missionary finally showed up with the keys and after hoping the church's fence, he let us in.

Attending conference at the church building was a great experience. Instead of slowly falling asleep by the end of each session, I remained alert and listening. It definitely invited a stronger spirit, so I would encourage all to try it out if you have not before. It was GREAT!!

P.S If you missed out on Conference or want to know more about Mormonism or LDS conference you can go to gc.lds.org!

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