Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Octubre or Welcome to Rainy Season

I was somehow under the impression that I was coming to Nicaragua during the dry season. I think I can blame Wikipedia for the miscommunication. However, soon after arriving here I was told that raining season was just beginning and that October is always the wettest month. Coming from the dry desert of Arizona, I was a little shaken at the news. I wondered what to expect as visions of violent, tropical storms flooded my mind. However, as one third of October has already passed, I am not sure there is much to fear.

In fact, rainy season has not made life here much different for me, and I love it. The rain sometimes comes all at once, pounding against the roof-top, instantly drenching any laundry hanging out to dry, and then it all disappears minutes later. Sometimes dark clouds hang over head all day, just threatening to burst open, but for some reason never do. And then occassionally there are the days, like yesterday, where the rain falls just heavy enough to keep you from leaving the protection of home and it lingers on and on for hours.

However it comes, the rain is great for one main purpose: it cools this place down!! The temperature drops and for a couple hours I do not have to walk around sticky with sweat. So, October and rainy season, THANK YOU and Bienvenidos a Nicaragua! 

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