Friday, December 14, 2012

A Daunting Task

One of the best parts of the Christmas season for my family is the Mesa, Arizona Temple lights. It is so beautiful and always remind us the Christ part of Christmas. There are millions of tiny lights sparkling up the sacred grounds. 

Although there are thousands of light strands all over, they are all put up voluntarily by the members of the LDS church. A few years ago, my family volunteered to put up some of the lights. We saw this as a pretty daunting task and volunteered mainly out of duty, feeling that for years we had enjoyed the lights but as members had never helped put the display up. 

We arrived at the appointed time on the grounds figuring we had a full day of work ahead of us. However to our surprise, we were sent to one small shrub and told to string lights all around it. AND THAT WAS IT! Our job was done and we were free to leave. Little did we know that there are so many member volunteers that the task of lighting up the temple really is not that daunting. The volunteer power proves that if everyone pitches in a small effort there can be a beautiful result!

Every night starting in November, the temple has an extra shine from the additional lights. Until ten o'clock the public is free to roam around the temple looking at lights, the temple, and scenes from the birth of Christ. Everyone can even enter the visitors' center and view the current displays including a movie portraying Luke 2, the Christus statue, and, my favorite, a group of nativity scenes from around the world. At seven o'clock there is even a concert in the front lawn. Everything is open to the public and is completely free!

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