Monday, December 10, 2012

Home At Last

Well, it has been just over a week since I have been home in the sweet US of A. Spending several weeks in a third world country definitely has made me more patriotic for my own country. Route 66,  main street, and country music have much more meaning, and I even carry a sense of pride thinking that these things belong to the US, just the US.

I knew there were things I was missing when I was in Nicaragua (family, hot water, safety, a car), but I was surprised by the things that I did not even realized I had missed. For example, I came home to a closet filled with all my stuff. All of my clothes, jewerly, pictures, shoes, and little memories made me want to cry. Although it is just stuff, it all screamed that I was home, that I was complete. I was glad.

I also missed the community I was surrounded by. I know so many supportive people here; I know where everything I need is located; I just know how everything is. There are not any surprises and for once that felt ok.

I love traveling, and I do not see that love going anywhere. However, it is great to be home!


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