Thursday, December 27, 2012

T'was the day before Christmas

Oh the day before Christmas, time to finally get into the spirit of the season. The season is much too busy with friends and family to worry about all the fluff hat crowds this time of year. However, Christmas Eve is different. Its time to openly welcome the traditions, the Santa, and the carols. I tried to put special effort into Christmas Eve. Here's what happened:

Elf on the Shelf's Last Night!
I had so many ideas for Louie's night before he would return to the North Pole. The hard part was deciding which idea to go with. Luckily, I had my trusty younger sisters, and they told me to go ahead and do them all! In the end we combined a couple of my ideas into a mini hunt for the youngest sisters.
First, Ivory and Aspen awoke to see that snow had fallen and  Louie had stolen away with their advent candy. 
Their first step to find Louie's hide-out was to search the snowflakes.
Eventually they found the clue which led them to the Christmas tree in the living room.
After unwrapping the toilet paper, another clue was found sending the family to the TV room.


 The girls each had to follow a string to Louie's secret spot.

Finally, Louie was discovered hiding within a couch cushion with the treats!
Next: Breakfast!

 I decided it might be fun to make a Christmas break. So I grabbed an angel cookie cutter and went to work on pancakes. After about four heavenly pancakes, the idea was ditched mainly because each took forever! It made my little sisters' day though.

Finally: Dinner
Several years ago, my family decided to cut out the craziness and stress on Christmas day and change our formal dinner to Christmas Eve (greatest decision ever). Every dinner we set up a long table to seat all the guests, and we create a theme for the decorations. In the past years we have decorated with snowflakes, Santas, and glitter. This year I chose to decorate and went with a nativity theme. After perusing the house several times searching for items to use and coming up empty handed, all of my original visions seemed to have failed me. However, after a few moments of discouragement, everything just started falling into place. 

First, I gathered some farm animal knick-knacks we had in a book case. They served well for the manger scene. Next I stole one of the little Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus scenes that we had around the house. They were the center piece. Then, I went outside and grabbed some dead branches we had just trimmed from the peach tree to add texture to the table. As a final touch, I got some old library cards and stamped different names for Jesus Christ on them. A little twine and burlap and the table was ready.


 I also added the some of the graham cracker nativity scenes our family had made with several of our neighbors.

 The dinner was pretty delicious and uber filling! As a surprise, we had a secret visitor come just before we left to look at Christmas lights. It was a great day!

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