Monday, April 8, 2013

Thought I Was Done??

So maybe you thought I was done talking about Nicaragua. Guess you were wrong.
This past Friday, I was able to participate in NAU's International Festival. I, of course, represented Nicaragua and created a little table display for hundreds of elementary school students. Most of the youngsters had no idea where or what Nicaragua is, and I even had some adults and NAU students ask me how to pronounce Nicaragua (that was shocking)!
 After locating Nicaragua on a map, I tried to teach a little bit of Spanish, but the real entertainment came from the stories about food. The children were so interested in the photos and loved shaking the coconut to hear the water inside.

This is a little coloring activity I made. Note to self: do not spend so much time cutting out paper flags!

Overall, I think the students had a good time. I just enjoyed someone being interested in my crazy stories and was grateful to talk on and on, always captivating the attention of anxious students. Who knows maybe one of them will feel more encourage to go abroad!

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