Monday, May 12, 2014

Because of Him

It was great talking to all of you guys too. I was so nervous to call, yet I had no idea why. It has been a great four months, but it was fun to see everyone in person.

This past week was a little rough. We had some great lessons, but I feel like it was a bit difficult. The spirit in the apartment was definitely lacking. I was worrying about how I could help my hijita be a better missionary. I had tried to be an obedient example, but it seemed like my example wasnt the one that she was trying to follow. I have a tendency to be a little too controlling, and I have really tried to be on top of that, but I stil felt like I wasnt doing enough. On Tuesday, I was pretty upset. It seemed like every conversation lead to some topic that didnt need to be discussed and every joke was just a little too much. Little disobedient acts and comments that really dont seem like anything grand were really affecting the spirit. We had a district meeting that morning, and I went to it contemplating what I could do to show love but also express how I felt. As we waited for a video to load I started praying for help. I felt like those parents that they talk about in General Conference, that want to know how to raise a righteous child in a world full of evil. (A little dramatic I know, but I really do worry about my hijita)

It was amazing to recieve an answer right then and there. I felt my mind being flooded with things that I could do and say to help the spirit in the apartment and show love. I was amazed at how easily it all came to my mind, and of course I was reminded of the great love Heavenly Father has for me. He took the time in my moment of need to help ease my worries. By the time the video was ready to watch, I felt confident that I could make the changes that I wanted to see.

However, it seems like Heavenly Father wasnt completly done giving his answer. The video we watched was a video that the church had made for Easter. It is called Because of Him (Gracias a El). After watching the clip, I just felt overwhelmed with love for my Savior.  I felt a renewed sense of hope that I could become the person that he and my Heavenly Father want me to be. I am so grateful for the things that Jesús Christ has done for all of us. He sacrificed himself selflessly so that we can be clean and live again with God and our families. He gives us limitless possibilities in this life and in the life after death. Because of Him, I have so much potential.

My spirit was renewed after I left the district meeting, and I have tried to put in pratice the things that came to my mind. Bit by bit things are improving. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy.

I love you guys and  hope you can get a chance to watch the video.  It is amazing. I love you

The photo is from a market called YES. They sell American clothes by the kilo. We went there today and basically had to dig through huge piles of clothes. It was pretty hilarious, but in the end I got a cute navy blue Banana Republic cardi for about a $1:) Imported all the way from the USA haha

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