Monday, May 26, 2014

My First Gringa!

Things have been going really well this week. We are having so many lessons with members and investigators present, it is super great for our investigators. We have been working a lot this week with T and her son P. T is a less active, but she wants P to be baptized. However, of course we need them both to be going to church for that to happen. She is afraid of what people will say because she is a single mom of two children, but we are getting really close I think. She is really begining to understand her divine nature. We went to visit her on Friday with a member and it was such a great lesson. She knows that Heavenly Father sees her as a strong woman who is trying her best. We are really happy to be able to help her. Tonight we are going to a member´s house for family home evening and we have invited her. I think it is going to go really well, but keep her in your prayers.

We had great success with A this week. She and her boyfriend and daughter all want to get baptized, and they have been attending pretty consistingly for the last 8 months. However, both the parents need to get divorced and then married. We were having problems with A because she cannot locate her husband. They have been separated for 16 years and dont have any communication, so she cant make any progress in the divorce process. However, our mission is now using a new program to find less actives and locate the true addresses of members. We have an hour every week to work with the on-line part and then we go out and try to locate the members that supposedly live in our sector. The cool part is that we have access to all the voting records in Chile in order to find addresses and names, so we were able to put the husband´s name in the search and WE FOUND HIM!!! We gave A the address and she is starting to get a divorce! Its funny to be excited for that, but it is a great step so that she can marry her current partner. Its a six month process, but she is super happy and so are we,

Lots of progress here in Tarapaca Oriente! We are still seeing lots of progress with the activation of less actives, so thats exciting too. This past Sunday, J came to church. He is the older brother of C, who we activated about two months ago. He only attended sacrament meeting, but he enjoyed the talks and the sacrament and when we went to visit his family at night he stayed for the lesson! I think he is ready for something more in his life.

This week we also welcomed Hermana Christensen to our apartment. She is really kind and great and a fellow Arizonian from Snowflake! The first gringa that I have lived with since I started the mission. We have a lot of fun when all four of us sisters have time together. Today we went to show her the Morro and Roly´s (more huge sandwiches:) We entertained ourselves by pretending to throw ourselves off the el morro (a common thing to do her in Arica apparently).

I hope you guys are living it up in the beach house. Be safe and remember that I now live fifteen minutes from the beach so be jealous!! Hahaha enjoy your vacation! I love you guys.

Hermana Biggs

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