Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Answered Prayer

How cute! I love all of the father´s day photos. The little sign is adorable. I hope you enjoyed dad, and Happy Father´s Day by the way! I love you. 

This week was really great. On Saturday we had a zone conference with the mission president and talked about the goals that he has for the mission and how we can achieve them. We have lots of little tools now to use in order to help activate members and find new investigators. My companion and I are super excited to get working with the news tools. We also played a little game with the scriptures where the Assistants to the President read out loud a "question of the soul" or just common questions,  and we had to race to find scripture passages in the Book of Mormon that could explain the answer. It was super fun, and I was surprised with how aqcuainted I am getting with the scriptures. It was great and just a reinforcement that really the scriptures do contain the fullness of the gospel. 

We had another great experience yesterday. For the last week and a half we had met several people and had their addresses; however we had been unable to contact them or always found them busy or something. I wanted to have some new investigators, but it seemed like no one was interested or we always arrived at exactly the wrong time. Monday morning is when we report the goals and numbers for the week, so I felt like we needed to finally get through the names and addresses we had and see if we could get some new investigators. Because our tactic of showing up at their house on our own didnt seem to be working. I thought I could put Elder Spannaus´advice in practice. I prayed that we would be able to find one new investgator (which means teachng a lessons and having an appointment to return) Sunday afternoon. We started out with the list of references and contacts. Some of the people werent at home and some were but were busy. We set up some future appointments, but werent having success. However, I kept holding on to that prayer. Finally, we went to see J, who we had met in the park a week ago. She said she was only home in the nights , but I still thought we could pass by and maybe talk to her mom again for a bit. Luckily, however, J answered the door. We got to talking for a few minutes and it got to that awkward part of trying to figure out how we could enter her house to teach her. I asked her if there was a minute that she had so that we could teach her and she replied that Tuesday would be great. We set up the appointment and I was thinking " ok this isnt the new investigator, maybe the last name on our list will be". However, as we were about to say goodbye and leave, her mom came to the door and told J to let us pass if she wanted to. It was such a blessing! She let us in and we had a great lesson about the restoration and Book of Mormon.  It was awesome. Heavenly Father answered the prayer I had said with a plan. Unfortunately, I didnt asked for two or three new investigators, hahaha because her whole family was there, but they were busy so couldnt participate in the lesson. Next time,  I am praying for more new investigators haha. But I really was so grateful . J is really awesome and we are going to meet with her on Tuesday again. We have high hopes:)

For Pday today we went to the beach to play volley ball and I got some cool pictures.  It was a beautiful day with a great view. I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week. Again, Happy Father´s Day!!!
Hermana Biggs

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