Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flirt to Convert

Emilee's Letter To Her Sister Madison:

This week I could have gotten married 3 times over. Really missionary work is a little different then it seems here in Arica. More people try talking to me than I try to talk to. However, they are all old single creepers. It is terrible. This week, we were walking to our apartment and this little kid starting to talk to us. He was only 5 and wanted to show us his soccer tricks. We started talking and soon his little sister (3 years old) and older brother (13) joined in. The 13 year old seemed to have some sort of learning disability, but he told us they were evangelicas. Their parents were standing a little ways off and kept looking at us. I figured that they didnt want us talking to their little kids, so I started talking louder so that they could hear and not worry, and then we could finish up the conversation quickly, so they wouldnt be too bothered. However, before we left one of the adults came over to us. We figured he was going to explain that they werent interested and what not, but instead he told me that I was the most beautiful girl that he had seen in a long time. That I was gorgeous and that he wanted to know if he could take a picture with me. I, thinking it may be an opportunity in disguise, agreed. I started saying that we were missionaries and all that, but all he wanted to know was if I was married or single!!! He said that he would stay in Arica all his life if I would agree to marry him! So weird. He turned out to be the uncle to the little kids and was visiting for a few weeks. I told him that I wasn't interested, obviously, and that I wasnt from Arica nor Chile. Then he said the best line ever haaha. He said "it doesnt matter I will make you Chilean with my love"!!!!!!!! I was cracking up. Later we learned that not only was he 100% sober but that he was an inactive member along with his nephews. He is single and 40 and very willing. It was so embarrassing. He kept telling my companion "just look at her, she is divine". I could not stop laughing! It looks like I have a lot of potential to flirt to convert here in Chile. 

I hope you enjoy that terrible story. I am getting really concerned that many of our investigators are just interested in getting to know me and my companion. Haha Either way we are teaching lol. 

Have an awesome week and enjoy that summer sun. I will be here turning into a little ice cube, no big deal haha. I love you.
Hermana Biggs

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