Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Roller Coaster Ride

We had a great big rollercoaster of a week. We encountered several trials but also several blessings. We were able to find 4 new investigators that all accepted the goal to be baptized! We havent put goal dates yet, but we started right off the bat letting our new investgators know that we want to help them make covenants with God. All four said that if they felt that the message and gospel were true they would be baptized. It is always exciting to see someone take the first steps in their eternal progress. The best is that all four of the investigators are members of families and we have plans to teach not only the individuals, but for this coming week we have appointments with the entire family. We have really high hopes, and are really enjoying the mission and this time in Tarapaca Oriente. 

Transfers are coming up this weekend, so I am a little nervous. Everyone says that I am going to be transfered somewhere else,but I am too in love with Arica. To make matters worst,  it is now starting to get cold, and Arica is the warmest city in the mission. I would really like to spend the winter here, but "I will go where you want me to go" hahaha. 

As I mentioned earlier, it was a roller coaster this week. We had some problems that really lowered our excitement too. However, Hermana Alonzo and I are pushing forward. With all of our progress, the opposition is also making itself manifest, and this week it was a little overbearing. Nevertheless, we remember  to pray for help and rely on the hope that comes from Jesus Christ. We are in a battle, but we are already on the winning side. Theres a lot of courage that comes from that knowledge.

On Sunday, I was getting worn down with all the opposition. Plan after plan was falling through and the bad news we had recieved earlier in the week was the only thing I could think about. I prayed that I would be able to get through the day, fulfilling my duties and responsibilities. Just as I was convinced that it was just going to be a terrible day. We were hugely blessed! We went to give out the images of Christ that people had wanted from our hot chocolate events. When the people came to greet us and recieve their image, we took the opportunity to explain what was happening in the photo and the importance that that event had for us. It was awesome. Many of the people set up dates for us to come back and share more. It was really fun having a new way to teach. 

I hope you guys are enjoying summer break. I cant wait to see pictures of the new kitchen. I am sure it will turn out great! I love you guys. Take care.  

Hermana Biggs

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