Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sometimes Life Is Hard

This week went well. We weren't able to get a hold of "E". She had gone to her beach house for the week, and forgot about our appointment. It was really disappointing to hear and even more disappointing that she couldn't come to church with us on Sunday because she was still out of town. However, we have been praying for her and know that she will be able to progress when she returns. We have another awesome family of four. E, Y, M and D. E and Y are not married, but they have been reading the Book of Mormon together. M is 10 and also is reading, but D is only three. They are a super sweet family that we have started to visit, and we are really excited for them. The only obstacle is that E and Y´s relationship is relatively new and they both have children with different partners (Mand D are Y children), so they want to make sure that the children are comfortable and accepting. E has already asked to marry Y ten times, she says, but they are working on getting to know the children and everything. This week, they too went out of town for the weekend, and couldn't attend church, but we have had some great lessons with members and they are too sweet. 

Wednesday was a great day. We were on fire. We had tons of visits and contacts and references and even new investigators. It was awesome and really got us pumped to finish the week with great success. However, after all of Wednesday´s success, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were difficult. We had two lessons each day and every reference that we tried to contact wasn't home. We walked for hours and hours and then decided to visit members. 

I always joke that when we have to work in the street all day and our appointments fall through that Heavenly Father is just telling us that we need to do extra exercise because we are getting fat, but it is hard to have several of those days in a row. I was getting more and more disappointed as Sunday rolled around and then found out that none of our investigators were going to come to church. I'ts hard to work day after day like that. I wish I could say that Sunday was all better and that an invesitgator showed up unexpectedly or that we had great success, but sometimes that's just not what the week has planned for us. Somedays things are just bad; My companion drives me crazy, an investigator doesnt want to listen anymore, no street contact is receptive. And then it doesn't just get better all of a sudden, and everything is sunshine and roses. 

I think, what I have learned more than anything in this transfer in Caldera is that life is tough. Whether your'e a missionary, a mom, a single, young, old whoever you are, life is tough. We are given challenges that we dont expect, dont want, and sometimes cant handle. But I know that what Mormon wrote is true, ¨God has not ceased to be a God of miracles¨. In all of the difficult days I still have not stopped seeing the miracles that Heavenly Father performs for me and those around me. I see His hand everyday, and I know that some of my weakest moments are when I am closest to Him. I know He loves me; I know He loves you. Never stop seeing His hand in your lives. 

I love you guys. 

Hermana Biggs

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