Monday, November 17, 2014

Keeping It "Sexy"

This week was pretty good. We missed a day of work in our sector because we went to Tocapilla for Hna. Crum´s visa, but besides that we were able to get a lot accomplished. One of our investigators went to get her divorce filed!! We are super excited. It takes about a month and then she will need to get married, but this is difinitely a big step for her. She has been attending church pretty regularly, so I can only imagine it will be a few months before she gets baptized. J is doing better. She's been pretty restrained to her house, but it helps keep her safe. She went to church this week, and we tried to get her grandmother involved in the lessons, but she got up after a few minutes and never came back. We are going to try to be a Little more agressive this week. I know she has been prepared with all of this chaos; we just have to help her recognize this. Some of our investigators are already starting their summer vacations, so that makes it hard to find them. However, we are looking to have real miracles this transfer and are giving it our all to try to find new people. 
We have also started doing service with this elderly home in our sector. We went on Saturday to serve them once and we are going back next Saturday to clean up the garden and outdoor area. 7 members were able to go with us and we had a ton of fun talking with the people. There was this one old lady that fell in love with all of the old men. We noticed that she had her nails painted and she told us that she likes to keep "you know how they say..... everything sexy." It was super hilarious. One of the other old ladies had a person visiting her and we got to talking about her job and work and such. The visitor is a single mom and a really hard worker. She told us about how one of her children had died and we were able to testify of the plan of salvation. The spirit was really strong, and hopefully we will be able to get a hold of her this week. The elderly home has been a fun Little way to mix up the traditional missionary work, but it also worked as a great service for the Ward. I hope it will really help them become more united, they seemed to enjoy it. 
This week was our ward´s primary program, and though it was nothing like your guys program it was still pretty cute. How did your primary program go or is it this Sunday? 
Well I hope everyone has a fun week. I love you all:)
hna Biggs

Pictures from when I found out who I was training!!

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