Sunday, August 28, 2011


While driving along the River Rhine, we passed this ancient town. It was adorable. First you can only reach this town by foot. Helga, Gunter, and I parked along the Rhine and then crossed the autobahn to reach the town. Long ago, many of the German towns built large walls surrounfing the inhabitant's land. In most cities you can see parts of the wall, but most of the time the city has expanded beyond the wall and the wall has fallen. In Bacharach however the wall still stands, and every person must pass through the gates. Obviosly this gates were built only for people and maybe horses so they are too narrow for a car to pass through.

The houses in Bacharach definitely made this short detour worth wild. Today many houses are designed to look like wood beams support them. However in Bacharach, the old design is not just an optical illusion. Many of the houses are actually so old that they have become lopsided. I'm not sure I would want to live in one of the said lopsided houses, but I had a great time looking at them in this quant little town.

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