Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Other Schloss

Wow! I have certainly been on the move lately and have so much to tell. Luckily I found a way to get internet, so at the last leg of my German adventure I should be able to do much more updating. The other castle I visited was the famous Heidelberg Castle. I am told that this is the most famous castle of Germany. Unlike the other schloss, I did not find the gardens impressive but the castle itself was superb. First I took a cable
car up a steep mountain to the actual castle. The view was amazing; the landing I was on overlooked the entire city and the Neckar River. Amazing!

 Then two parts of the castle were open to see. First I saw the largest wine caste in the world. It holds over 200,000 liters of wine. Conneted to the caste is a pipe that distributes wine, I believe, the parlor. On top of the caste is a dance floor that the royality used during dance parties.

The second part of the Heidelberg castle was the old pharmacy. It had several rooms filled with herb and spice jars that were used to cure illness.
Parts of this castle were destroyed during the second world war or the Great War as it is called by the Germans. Later money was donated to restore the castle to its original splender, but someone once remarked that this tower would be more beautiful as a ruin and so it was left alone.
It was great to be able to go inside parts of this schloss and get a glimpse at life without the modern conviences that we enjoy today!

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