Friday, August 12, 2011

Zwei Schlossen

While in Germany I have visited Zwei Schlossen (Two Castles). In my opinion these two castles could be combined into one perfect tourist attraction. The first had this beautiful garden that extended for miles. It was built as a summer castle for Carloso Theodoro and is know informally as the mini Versailles. The castle itself was not very impressive in my personal opinion, but the gardens were so magnificent. The building was large and pretty, just not what I think of when I hear "castle".

 After viewing the front, I passed through to the gardens, and I was astounded. I would love to know the square footage of those gardens because the just appeared to continue on and on. There were many small maze-type areas hidden in the area for the imhabitants to chase each other. At the furtherest point directly behind the castle laid this lake. I loved the Weeping Willow and the giant carp that were in the water. Just like in the fairy tales this large lake was part of the moat that encircled the entire garden and castle.

 Hidden down a long path was a mosque. Carloso Theodoro never used this mosque but had it built anyways. When he was not inhabiting the castle the Turks would come and use it. I was very gorgeous and romantic. Further hidden to the north of the garden was the badhaus (bath house). Sadly I was not allowed to take pictures inside.

 As I followed a path around the bath house I ran to "the end of the world". There is a vine covered arch that runs all over the garden and ends at this small mural. I am still confused as to wether this painting is really entitled The End of the World or if it is just a name my host family has given it.

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