Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Halloween!

So Halloween season crept up on me and although I have never been too much of a Halloween fan, the nostalgia was overpowering. In Nicaragua, Halloween passes every year bearly noticed. I was informed that only in "high class" neighborhoods do children trick or treat. Apparently my neighborhood was not going to met the mark. My Nica mom had also said besides that Halloween is normally only celebrated in the clubs where the women go as either a bunny or kitty cat. Hmmmm interesting..... Anyways as the day arrived the void in my heart got larger and larger until I was sure I would have to do something to celebrate.

After asking around a bit I was lucky enough to encounter someone who knew where I could find a pumpkin. My Halloween plans took off. Of course I had to involve Manfred, my boyfriend, because this would be his FIRST Halloween ever.

The idea of carving a pumpkin was foreign to Manfred. In fact he had never seen a pumpkin in real life since they do not grow in Nicaragua. So I had to explain the idea. He still did not really get it so I just told him to draw a face of shapes on the pumpkin. Now I thought that was a simple task; I even mentioned a couple of shapes and ideas. However, for someone who went to art school, it is OF COURSE much more complicated than doodling with a marker. He spent several minutes debating which pumpkin side was the cleanest, how big each shape should be, and what shapes would look the best.
Manfred comtemplating. Haha
 After much thinking we settled on some shapes for the face and began to draw.
 And let the carving begin!
After the heart shaped top was cut out, we began to pull out the seeds and pumpkin hair. I was overwhelmed with the familar scent of the pumpkin season and all the memories that were brought with it.
After slicing and idcing the pumpkin, it was finally finished. It looked great but even better once we put the candle inside.

 Manfred was highly impressed especially with the lighted pumpkin. It was super cute to see him all excited and proud of his work. It looks like five years in art school paid off! Although I am not sure pumpkin carving was ever taught. haha.

Although, there were no trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, I refused to let the night pass without candy. As a result, we spent the last bit of the night going to some of the other exchange students´ houses to deliver a Halloween treat. Definitely not my typical, traditional Halloween, but it was great fun. 

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  1. I'm so glad you carved a pumpkin this year! We miss you so much and are counting down the days... Only 28 left! We love you.