Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sometimes I am suprised to find that what I thought I knew was wrong. This past week I learned that everything I thought I knew about coconuts was incorrect.

First of all, I did not know they grew like big yellow footballs. I always thought they were small round, brown balls. However, this tree grows right outside my room, and sure enough, those are coconuts.

Second, I had no idea that you had to machete-y the yellow football to death to encounter the small brown ball, or the coconut. Plus the machete process takes skill. Manfred is a master and can tear through the cocnut in about five minutes. I attempted and succeed too, but it took me about half an hour and a lot of sweat.

 Finally, I also did not know that the meat inside the coconut shell starts out soft and only hardens with age. Also with a fresh cocnut you can jab a straw through one of the three small holes in the top of the cocnut shell and have a refreshing drink of coconut water RIGHT OUT OF THE SHELL!

 I was really suprised with all this new information about something simple like coconuts. Hopefully, there are other people like me out there and this is not just new information to me. Haha!

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