Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections, Elections, Elections!

My facebook wall has been filled with posts, both happy and angry, about the recent Obama reelection. Some claim we are headed to no where good while others are posting memes supporting Obama celebrating his victory. Well, my personal opinion is that the United States is hogging all the quality TV time. November 2nd was the Nicaragua Mayor Elections, and, I bet, the majority of the people reading this do not know that!! Where are the camera crews when there is political action here? Haha, maybe the election was not as important, but it is still worth mentioning.

Apparently, the Sandinistas won by a landslide with more than three fourths of the votes in all of Nicaragua. This huge victory was celebrated all night by people lauching loud fireworks in every neighborhood (not the type of cool, pretty fireworks either; the ones that just pop really loudly without any color or shape). Many people seemed to be incredibly excited by the results.

Upon asking someone when we would know the results of the elections, she replied, Oh since yesterday!  I was a little shocked and the party has been accused of fraud, but like I have said before: when in Nicaragua, just go with it!
The brown mark on Manfred's thumb, represents that he voted. Every voter is required to rub their right thumb in the ink after casting their vote. It prohibits you from voting again.

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