Friday, November 23, 2012

One Week Left!

 I just finished my last final exam about ten minutes ago and I now only have one week left! Time has flown by so fast. I really do not feel like I have been here for almost four months. I have enjoyed so much about this trip and look forward to sharing my experiences with my family when I get home.

I miss so much about being at home. Thanksgiving was definitely not at all the same. No big lunch, no turkey, no saying what I am grateful for. I did, however, get to enjoy the last bit of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Purina Dog Show. It was nostalgic and really brought some holiday spirit. I introduced Manfred to these two family traditions and I think he enjoyed them. Although he seemed a little thrown off that people actually treat dogs as good as the ones in the shows. Hahah.

Unfortunately, no Christmas movies are out in Nicaragua yet, so the annual tradition of seeing a movie went down the tubes. Overall, it was not a terrible day, but nonethless, I will for sure be grateful to spend Thanksgiving in the states next year.

So here I stand with one week left and no school! Its time to whip out some last minute traveling and make up for that missed Thanksgiving dinner by stuffing myself for the last few times with all that delicious Nica food!

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