Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Sweet Freezing Home

Well I am all situated back at Northern Arizona University. Today marked the first day of school for most, but with my awesome schedule, I still do not start until tomorrow.

About a week ago, terror struck me as I realized I would be moving into an apartment with four new roommates. I did not know them at all and sharing a room did not sound appealing. Plus I worried about sharing food (clearly I am a little selfish:), but also looming overhead was the fact that I would be back to NAU knowing  barely anyone.

However, after these first two days, everything seems to be ok. I met some new faces yesterday. In addition, people always seem to be popping into the apartment, so there is plenty of entertainment. I also was able to fit all my stuff into my tiny little space (and do a little much-needed cleaning to the place... add OCD to selfish) I am not so worried any more though. Things seem to be going well.

My new home!
The snow and cold is going to take some getting used to though! It is beautiful, but I forgot about the slippery ice and frozen noses. Luckily, us humans have invented heaters.

The view on the drive up! San Francisco peaks in the horizon.

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