Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One week down

We are already one week into the New Year and I am getting ready to pack up my home in Mesa and head up to Flagstaff for another great semester at NAU. I am excited for the classes I enrolled in and even have a perfect schedule meaning I only go to class on Tuesday and Thursday. Although it appears perfect now, I'll keep you informed as to how the semester actually goes. However, before all that gets started I wanted to list some more goals for 2013.
      1. Get another passport stamp: I currently do not have any travel plans for 2013, so the end of the year might bring about a quick jump across the border.
      2. A's and B's in classes: I have a couple I am worried about like my senior capstone (no I am not a senior) and a new Latin American history class.
      3. Morning prayers: I could improve on frequency
      4. Become a better friend: I have a tendency to disconnect with my friends throughout the year and then quickly reconnect over summer, so I want to keep up with them and talk more often.
      5. Stay fit: I am excited to be preparing my own food these next couple of months and I hope to continue working on my running abilities.

I hope I am able to focus on work on these goals. In a couple of days, I will head off to my new temporary home. I am so excited!

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