Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hip Hop Missionary Discussions?

Sounds like another busy week, and I assume that this week will be the same with Braxton by your side. I cant wait to hear how the birth goes of little baby Jett! I can already imagine that he is going to be super cute! I loved the pictures of Aspen, how cute, I can still tell she has her sass. I am sure the Hiphop will just add to that. 

Speaking of hiphop, this past Friday there was a hiphop/karoke type thing happening in one of the feilds by our house all night. It was super hilarious and I got into it by hiphoping the lessons. We presented our hiphop to a member family and they thought it was great. I think I am on to something hahah. Maybe it will bring more investigators lol. 

We had a great miracle this week. We had planned to attend some appointments with a member, but the two appointments that we had fell through. She agreed to do some walking though, and we went with our backup plans. Again no success. We went to give out some of the pictures of Jesus that people had asked for in the feria, and still limited success. We had walked for two hours and with the member with us, we began to feel bad because things werent looking so good. However, we always try to stay positive and I told my comapnion"theres always a reason when things go bad and no body lets us in". We were racking our brains trying to think of who lived close to visit, when one of our investigators pulled up in a taxi with her daughter and two granddaughters. We had visited the investigator in that same morning, so we didnt think much about her letting us in again, but to our surprise, she said that we could enter! Even better was that her daughter wanted to listen to the lesson too and the two granddaughters! Plus they invited two of the other grandchildren ( who live on the same street) to come and listen. It was awesome. We taught the restoration to them and they were excited for us to return. I was so happy. I think that is my first lesson with investigaters where we could get all of the family together at the same time and have a powerful lesson. It felt great to be teaching a family. We have an appointment with them again this coming week, so we are excited to see how it goes. Overall, I hope that we can find more complete families that are interested in learning about Christ. We are going to try to focus on that. 

This week was really interesting. We did a lot of walking... A LOT of walking, and we had difficulties several days in finding people in their homes. However, I felt the spirit really strongly so many times. In part, I felt like this week was for me. I had many inpressions for things that I need to do now in the mission and further along in life. I felt like the scriptures spoke to me and that I learned and received answers for the things I had asked for. It was interesting overall because I wanted to have more lessons and teach more people and work more efficiently, yet I learned a lot in the time that we were walking and studying. It was a good week

We also had an excellent activity this past Wednesday. It was one of our weekly activities that we are trying to do, and we had a great attendance of about 25 people. The best part was that many of them were investigators and less actives. Three of our investigators came and had a great time! I was so surprised! The first activity had been small and just members, so this was great. We played games in rotations. There was pingpong, Uno, Monopoly, and Jenga. Everyone seemed to have fun and "L"came!!! We gave her a church tour at the end and she got really teary when we entered the chapel. We could tell that the spirit was working strongly with her. We cant wait to see her progress!

I hope all goes well tomorrow with Jett! I love you guys and am always keeping you in my prayers. 

Hermana Biggs

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