Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Search For Happiness

The pictures of Jett are so cute. He really does look a lot different than Brax when he was born. So adorable! I cant wait to meet him in December through Skype. Its a good thing that you guys live pretty close to Amanda to help her out. I know Brax is still in the terrible twos and another baby has to be a chllenge. But he is cute! Mom, are the glasses a permanent thing now? Hahaha jkjk.

This week has gone by pretty fast again. We have been working hard, but Indepence Day is coming up and more and more people are leaving their houses or having visitors, so it makes our work difficult. The bright side though is that we still get a lot of work in with the members and less actives. They normally are more confortable with letting us in with their families and such. That's great for us because our little branch needs some help. We are trying to form a branch family with the members, so that they are more loving and understanding. I think we have made great progress, especially with our weekly activities. We had a great attendance again this past week and the best was that the members stayed and talked to each other. Although no investigators came, I still felt like it was a successful event. 

My companion and I are working on revamping our lessons. We both felt that things were getting a little repetitive. To some extent it is unavoidable because we are teaching the same lessons and the same principles every day. However, we want to have different lessons, lessons where the spirit teaches more than we do. We have been practicing and planning better what we can ask and say and share so that each lesson is different and stronger. So far, things have been going great! Our lessons seem more like conversations and we have avoided repeating the same scriptures or experiences. I feel like I am really learning to be a better teacher and its awesome. 

We are still working on our transfer of change and we have three weeks left to see how it goes. We have been talking a lot about the things we have learned in the mission and the things that we still want to improve, so I think we are going to see great success at the end of the three weeks. Its kind of funny, because my current companion has been the most difficult so far, and its not that bad,  but yeah a bit of a struggle. Nonetheless, we are getting along really well and are committed to being better. We pass every other minute laughing and joking and then talking about the craziest, most random stuff. I remember what my very first companion had read from "Our Search for Happiness" back in the MTC that sometimes we let little differences and things of the world interfer with the big truths; That we are all children of God and need Him and His love in this life. Its great to know that when Hna Palomino and I have the same goals and the same desires we can put the little differences of personality away and work really well together, and really have a great friendship. 

The weirdest thing happened on Sunday. We were in the Sunday school class and one of my favorite members from Caldera was teaching. It was a great class about Oseas from the New Testament, and she is a really great Sunday school teacher. For a brief moment she stopped teaching to take off her jacket and I am not sure if it was the top she was wearing or the way she had her hair or what but when I looked up to see her again, she looked just like you, mom. I kept starring at her but all I could see was you. Of course I couldnt help the tears from falling as I thought about the things that we havent been able to do in the last eight months, but at the same time it was conforting to feel you so close. I hope you are doing well and staying on top of all of the activities, weddings, projects, shows, children, and grandchild. I love and miss you! Have a happy birthday this week. 

I love you all and wish you the best. No more dumping ice water on each other hahaha. Ciao!

Hermana Biggs

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