Saturday, October 18, 2014

We Interrupt This Mission For A Transfer

I arrived in Calama on Tuesday night after an eleven hour bus ride. I have now officially seen all of the cities in the missions expect for Vallenar,  so that is pretty cool!   My companion is Hna Wisrock from Huntington Beach California.  We dont have too many investigators but many of them are progressing, so we are super excited,  but still focusing on finding new people.

In our sector we dont have a mamita to cook for us, so I finally get to try out some of the Chilean recipes I have been gathering for the last nine months.  Maybe I will have them perfected by the time I get back to the states. Its kinda funny that I have already been here for nine months. I guess now when people ask if I know this or that missionary, I normally do. I occassionally speak faster than the Chileans (which is a true record:) and my personal studies are much more profound than just reading Preach my Gospel lessons and the scriptures listed.  When people ask if I have a story about some sort of experience, I normally can answer postively, so its kind of a weird feeling.   I have a lot of fine tuning and improving to do, but I think I am finally feeling different.  The mission has been so awesome and fulfilling, I can only imagine how much I will be able to grow in the last nine months.

I love you guys and hope you had an awesome break. I guess I should start awaiting to have an iphone when I get home then:) how awesome! Be careful of internet usage with everyone, you can easily run into things you hadnt planned on: I love you guys!
 Ghosty lives on!  (Emilee's fish she had for years that died last year)
My new companion and I.

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