Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Calama Here I Come

 The new address to send packages is: Casilla de Correo 70, Antofagasta Chile. Also, I did recieve my package! We came to Copiapo for Pday and the zone leaders brought it to me. Thank you so much! I am eating cadbury eggs as I write. The shoes are great and will be a big improvement considering the only other pair I have, have two giant holes in the bottom, so its like walking barefoot:) Thank you so much for the balloons and everything too. I really loved it all! 

Well, I have big news. I am getting a special transfer to Calama. President Dalton called me yesterday to ask if I would be ok with moving after only 2 weeks in my third transfer in Caldera. I was really depressed, but of course I had to say yes. He said that my new companion is really homesick, and her second companion wasnt helping, so I am going to be with her and her current companion is coming here. He reassured me that I was doing really great in Caldera, but I still have doubts hahaha, but whatever, he said not to worry. I leave tomorrow at 10:30am, but the other sister is arriving tonight at 7, so we will be in a trio for the night. I am super sad to be leaving and especially so unexpectedly, but I am sure Calama will be great. 

Today, we have just been running around like crazy saying goodbye and making last minute memories, so its been fun but a little hectic. 

Did you guys enjoy General Conference? I thought it was great! Plus we had a new investigator come for the last session, and Bednar´s talk about missionary work helped her to understand our enthusiam for the gospel. She has a few family members that are members and met with missionaries several years ago, but had told us that " She was too old to be baptized because she didnt have anything more to give". We thought it was a pretty funny answer, and hopefully General Conference gave her a needed spiritual experience. 

I liked the 70´s talk (dont remember his name for the moment) about how we can be more spiritually confident. He had like six ideas and talked really fast, but it was good. One of his tips was about making sure we felt good about our bodies. I thought it was kinda funny because we had listened to the Women´s meeting about "does God really care about our makeup and dress size?" and then he was like "if you need to make diet changes, make them", but I really liked it. 

Do you guys have any fun Fall break plans? I hope you guys enjoy the break. I love you guys so much!

Hermana Biggs

 Late Birthday Party with the Alcayaga family! Yum!
A nice view of Caldera. If you look closely you can see the chapel.

 My shortest time with a companion. Hermana King -2 weeks
Happy Sister missionaries with their packages from home!

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