Friday, October 31, 2014

Another Grand Miracle

Wow that sounds like a pretty big Halloween week. I cant believe that its already holiday season again. We have seen a few Christmas decorations already at the stores, and today we went to the mall (first mall I have been to in Chile) and there was a Christmas song on the radio. I was messing around on the piano the other week and tried a few Christmas hymns. I think its going to be pretty difficult to get through the season seeing as I almost started crying during the First Noel, but I will make it through. 

Yesterday afternoon we had a stake activity about missionary work with the members. Different members shared experiences they had had with missionaries or as missionaries and then I talked about how big of an influence members have in missionary work. At the end the stake president had put together a little flyer for the members to invite us and a non member friend to once. we had a pretty positive response and now have several appointments with members that have promised to bring a friend to a fun night. We are pretty happy about everything and have hopes. Unfortunately not our whole ward attended, so I think we will have to get some more of the flyers and present it during church or something. 

We had a funny experience on Wednesday this week. We left the apartment with a lot of hope, but quickly the hope turned to dispair. Not only did our appointments fall through, but our back up plans werent home either. We tried going to several houses but nothing was resulting. We decided we could just try doing street contacts instead and wait until it was a little later and more people might be home. However, with every street contact that we did, not only were the people not interested but they all had their own negative comments and insults to say to us. One after one.

 We were getting severely unexcited when someone walking by said, "hi, how are you guys doing? I always see you guys walking all over". I thought that this must be our reward. We started talking and he was really sweet. However, quickly the conversation turned to more insults and negativity. When we finished sharing our testimonies we left tragically upset. Missionary work can be hard, but never had I had so many problems in one day in only a few hours time. We decided to sit down and relax for a minute trying to think what we could do to recover our happiness. 

After about ten minutes we decided, to try to go and visit a member that lived close by and could be in her house. When we arrived, we saw that all of the youth were gathering at her house to have a BBQ in random celebration. We were super surprised, but then she invited us to participate as well. We were more than happy! Nothing to heal a wounded misionarys heart like a good BBQ, but that wasnt the end. Not only could we help them get everything ready, but then several non member friends came and two less active youth. It was amazing. We were able to meet some new people and all we did was walk into a BBQ. It was really a testimony to me of the grand help that members really all. We had gone all over the place trying to find people and here they had arrived without thinking. It was awesome. 

I could also see that sometimes Heavenly Father just tests us and tests us more and THEN we recieve the blessings. I thought that that nice guy who approached us was going to be our reward after having such a unproductive afternoon. I was suprised when clearly it was not the reward we thought it was going to be. However, sometimes, I suppose life is just like that we give our all and then he requires a little more. His blessings come but in His own ways and in His own time. 

I love you guys. Good luck with all of the Halloween responsibilities

Hna Biggs

PS. I forgot about the photos.  There are some of me and my companion with our hard hats and vests heading to the Chuquicamata mine tour. We loved the hats hahah. The first part of the tour went to the ghost town where the workers used to live until they found out that the air was really toxic. That freaky pinocho is from a parade that the city had that was left there. The city was so odd, because it was super normal but totally deserted. Everyone just left. There are still street signs and schools with desks, banks, grocery stores, etc all just sitting there. However, the mine has been getting so big that some of  the city is now covered. There was a hospital but its covered with dugged up ground. We saw like nighborhoods and then all of sudden the giant hill of dirt. It was odd.

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